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Forums - Music Discussion - Best recent video game music (last 5 years)

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Loneken said:

My favorite game of the 8th generation.

RECORE with a excellent soundtrack by Chad Seiter

Great game. You just barely made the 5 year cutoff on this one, you made it by like an hour xD Yesterday was the 5 year anniversary.

I was happy to see some mentions like Guilty Gears, Doom, Nier, FFVII, and others, but...
I'm extremely disappointed that no one mentioned Bloodborne, Dark souls III and Demon's Souls Remake! This causes me discontent on a personal level, to see no mention of the OST of these games here!

GoTY 2022:

I haven't put significant time into a Souls-game since the first Dark Souls, but I still have some favourite tracks from that:

The boss fights are so damn ingrained in my memory, just hearing some of the OSTs reflexively makes my spine chill.

Hollow Knight, Ori and Nier have amazing soundtracks (HK has my favourite OST of all time), but people already know about them and posted before me so I'll add soundtracks from games that haven't been mentioned here.

I really liked Stela's (2019) OST, it's mostly melancholic:

Unexpectedly, I loved Genshin Impact's (2020) OST too:

Detroit Become Human (2018) has some incredible tracks:

I haven't played the game, but the soundtrack for Death Stranding (2019) is really good:

Assemble with Care (2019) has a relaxing album:

I would add some Tearaway Unfolded soundtracks but this is a 6 year old game now...

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Peacefull track

Great Ambience tracks

Very eerie track (Dungeon)

Boss Fight

Spiritual track

Another excellent Dungeon track

And the "Best boss music of the generation award goes to"

Ashen is a very underrated game.

Nier automata and god of war (2016)


My youtube gaming page.

I wanted to say Witcher 3, but that was 6 years ago. Damn, time flies.

Deltarune Chapter 2 just released, and the soundtrack is still amazing.

I have a Youtube channel... A Twitter, and... Yeah.