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Arrested Development

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AngryLittleAlchemist said:

I don't have any sig right now, but I used to have sigs of Modest Mouse lyrics (different sigs with different lyrics). They are an indie rock band. The songs were Life Like Weeds and Parting of the Sensory. Still some of my favorite songs (those sigs were pretty recent but yea), the former being my favorite song for about 4.5 years now. 

And I mean my avatar is self-explanatory ... gotta rep the best Nintendo series   

Yo alchy, you disrespecting Zelda and Mario? 

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

My avatar is the best anime of all time with 2 of the best anime characters of all time and their friend. Of course I'm talking about Gintama, Gintoki and Katsura. Sorry Takasugi.

My sig is a teaser to annoy people but also create suspense and the pic below the signature is one of my many many eagles

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

My avatar is Kirby, the character I like playing as the most in Smash Bros. My signature is an old picture of my consoles I was using at the time. Will update that sometime later.

My avatar is Kirby as well. I think it's the Nightmare in Dreamland sprite. it was the first Kirby game I played and is the best looking rendition of Kirby in my opinion.

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My avatar is Ryan Tongia, some hot guy i wish i could marry :P

My avatar and signature are currently the same of Hatsune Miku

The date in my signature probably isn't very important

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My signature is a reality from a "possible" future.
My avatar is a time traveller.

Prediction: In 5 years Nintendo will Lauch a "Core Mario game"  very similar to Astro Bot. That said, many will Ignore Astro Bot existence and say Nintendo created this concept.

My avatar is Jeremiah Gottwald aka Orange boy from the anime series Code Geass.

One of my favorites.

Here is some of my favorite lines.

"Orange, you say? That's the name of my loyalty!"

"Memorize this! Memorize Jeremiah Gottwald! Commit it to memory because that's the memorable name of the man who has defeated you."

Manlytears said:

My signature is a reality from a "possible" future.
My avatar is a time traveller.

Um…you may want to specify a year in your prediction since if it always says 5 years then it isn’t actually a prediction. Like for instance, when did you post this? Was it a year ago so now there is only 4 years left?