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Forums - Movies Discussion - Return of the King vs Return of the Jedi


Which is better?

Return of the King 60 75.95%
Return of the Jedi 19 24.05%
S.Peelman said:
Mr Puggsly said:

I am familiar with The Hobbit book so I can be more critical of changes made in the films.

But as I pointed out, I am very bored by the tone and character of LotR. On a side note, even though its an ugly film, I think I prefer the 1978 animated film. It just moves faster and has more personality. Something I didn't really expect when revisiting these films.

I still want to see that version some time.

But if that’s the case for you with LotR, then you’ll probably have a similar problem with The Hobbit trilogy too, since the fluff is of such a magnitude that the whole thing is much longer than the book is.

Yeah, I was surprised they managed to squeeze like 9 hours of movies out of a 10 hour book.

Either way, I am not gonna go in expecting something great.

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Kbbm824 said:

The weakest film in each trilogy in my opinion.
I think Return of the Jedi has the lowest lows (The Endor fight with the Ewoks) and the highest highs (Luke vs Vader and Palpatine, Battle of the second Death star and the Sarlacc pit) of the two films.
I prefer Return of the Jedi. The final duel between Luke and Vader might be my favorite sequence in any movie ever. The music sends chills down my spine and has done that for like 25 years.
As for Return of the king. This is more of a fault in the books, more than the film's - but ghosts showing up, being immortal and killing all opponents in a minute flat, was so incredibly anticlimactic to me. The height of action, suspense and so on is easily the arrival of the riders of Rohan - but even after that epic battle, we still got several battle scenes to go and over an hour of movie left. It's exhausting.

Jedi wins for me

The bolded is so true and the RotK has such a mania around it that it's been a while since I stopped trying to explain why it is such a crappy movie. I have a particular annoyance when the Ewoks come to the show, but at least there is some entertainment here and there. "King" is just boooooooring, long, with no tension whatsoever and clearly designed to appease to Oscar audiences. I wouldn't vote for any of them, but Jedi at least has something to show for it (the Jabba rescue - with bonus bikini scene - and the final fight of the Skywalkers). "King" is just barren.

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IcaroRibeiro said:
Vodacixi said:

Everything you said is meaningless to me xD

I see. But all plots are important. You can't really move out any of them, at least not without compromising the story 

That doesn't make them good or interesting though. And their importance is relative to what I as a viewer want to see. In the Two Towers for example, the whole thing with the twins and the trees is incredibly boring and uninteresting to me. I was just hoping for the story to go back to Frodo and Sam. Sure, that plot front is important for the overall developement of the movie, but that doesn't make it less unexciting to me.

I don't have any strong feelings on the LotR trilogy, positive or negative. Saw them all only once quite some time ago, don't remember them that much to be honest. I remember thinking the movies were great but they weren't particularly interesting or exciting to me personally. I think I liked Fellowship of the Ring the most, but really all three were very good.

Star Wars, on the other hand... I've seen them many times over and while Return of the Jedi has its moments, it's easily the weakest of the original trilogy. It sticks out among them, even if it's better than most of the franchise after that.

I usually hold the minority opinion lol. I love Return of the Jedi. In fact, it is my favourite Star Wars film (top 5 all time).

Return of the King is amazing, though, it is my least favourite of the trilogy.


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Goood thing I can always access the LoTR trilogy movie box to watch the whole thing in a day.
I'll be completely impartial on this one and claim Return of the King as th best one.

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Return of the King, because, obviously.

Those of you voting Return of the Jedi should get tested for COVID-19.
A lack of taste is the first symptom :)

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Jumpin said:

Return of the King, because, obviously.

Those of you voting Return of the Jedi should get tested for COVID-19.
A lack of taste is the first symptom :)

I wonder how arrows and rocks can hurt an armoured storm trooper?

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I really love both films.

Jedi is actually my favourite of the Star Wars movies; it's definitely less consistent than A New Hope or Empire, but it's highs, particularly the epic space battle and the final act of Luke and Vader's arc are to me the most potent moments in the series.

Return of the King though, is one of the greatest pieces of filmmaking of all time in my opinion. From direction to cinematography to special effects to music, it's a masterclass in how to bring a series to an epic and powerful conclusion. From the ride of the Rohirrim, to Sam carrying Frodo up the volcano, to its bittersweet ending, it's truly an unforgettable experience, and gets my vote.

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Return of the King is probably the best of its trilogy. Return of the Jedi is the worst of its trilogy.

I prefer the Original Trilogy to The Lord of the Rings, though The Lord of the Rings are probably better films. But yeah, Return of the Jedi is weaker as a third installment and probably as a film too. But I still love it.

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