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Alice in Borderland was good, enjoyed it.

I tried Willow again last night, episode 3 was out, felt like I already had seen the episode... Too much repetition. It's still boring, nothing like the movie and older Willow in a Gandalf role really isn't working for me. Disney+ is getting the axe, back to Netflix. Andor was great as well as re watching What we do in the Shadows and the Orville.

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I’m trying to remember a certain Christmas film. I remember the plot, but not really the story specifics. Can someone help me?

Big city young woman hates Christmas stuff, and someone powerful wants her to discover Christmas in some way or she’ll lose something important. She temporarily has to leave her miserable and successful fiancé who she’s miserable being with. While on her Christmas mission, she meets a poorer man who is otherwise perfect in every way and the romance starts to take off until all is almost lost when her fiancé shows up and both relationships are ruined. Other things randomly start going wrong at the same time. She then has a realization of some childhood trauma that made her hate Christmas. After that, everything starts going right, she strikes a relationship with the poor-but-perfect guy, and realizes she loves Christmas after all.

Anyone know which film I’m talking about?

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Santa Claus Conquers The Martians. It has to be seen to believe. XD

Jumpin said:
DarthMetalliCube said:

Severance - Close second only to Squid Game as far as favorite new show. Love the surrealist quasi-sci-fi ala The Matrix, the mind-bending concept of the split identities, very atmospheric, again great performances (particularly by Adam Scott and Britt Lower). Makes you really intrigued as to where they're going. Hopefully the writers don't pull a "Lost" and actually know what they're doing as far as the big picture.

Assuming you have Apple Plus (as you mentioned Severance), a show I'd recommend on the service is For All Mankind. It's an alt-history drama that flirts with science fiction that asks the question "What if the space race didn't end?". I'd recommend not looking up any videos, previews, or anything of the show until after watching the first episode. It's be best not to have that episode spoiled, as the explanation of why the space race continues is answered in that episode. It's a very interesting scene/set of scenes, and just about every video/article about the show spoils the first episode.

But without spoiling that (or other plot specifics), the show currently starts in the 1960s and has made it up to the early 2000s. Apart from the space race continuing, the USSR doesn't fall. The first season is in the 1960s and 70s. The second takes place in the 1980s. The third season in the 1990s. The show uses music and general clothing styles from the decades in question. Technology evolves a bit differently. Much like Rome (the HBO series) the show digs into the layers of society via a few people from different parts of society to give a more full picture of what's going on, and much like Rome there's also a lot of mental breakdown stuff.

For All Mankind was developed by Ronald D. Moore - best known for being a senior writer on Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space 9, and the showrunner for Battle Star Galactica. Although, unlike Battlestar Galactica, he has a 7 year plan for For All Mankind rather than a 2 year plan. And, IMO, the thematic feeling of the show is a bit similar to BSG, although far more polished in the writing and the production... He's come a long way as a writer, as (if you remember) BSG had a lot of plot threads that just kind of went nowhere. For All Mankind is much more solidly written; the storylines mostly resolve quickly, and the consequences reverberate through the show. The result is something that feels as satisfying on an episode by episode level as an episodic show, but also feels like one of those TV series novels at the same time.

Without spoiling plot details: the show has three main settings: in the homes of the astronauts, and dealing with their families. In The Johnson Space Center (Houston) which is the heart of the show. And the last but most exciting part of the show is the stuff that takes place in space. What happens in one place often impacts the other two.

But anyway, check out the show, and like I said. Go watch the first episode without looking up any other details about the show.

Sound up my ally. I'm very much into the more in-depth sci-fi, alternate history stuff, and Rome is another favorite show of mine. Though I've cut off Apple TV for now, essentially waiting for Severence and Ted Lasso to return as those are the main watches for me on that platform. But will have to check that one out once I do.


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Finished The Peripheral recently, it wasn't nearly as good as I had hoped, there were some seriously ludicrous leaps of logic going on (mostly goofs regarding the setting). Watched Jack Ryan season 3 yesterday, which was brilliant, nice to see James Cosmo again! Also finished Euphoria season 2 today, it's really good, pulls no punches. Andor is on my watch list, I'm only about 4 episodes in.
I bought a bunch of 4K movies about a month ago, to watch during my vacation. I've had Tom Hanks evening (Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile, and Forrest Gump), Matrix Trilogy, Denis Villeneuve evening (Dune, Blade Runner 2049, Arrival - he's a master of the visual arts). Tomorrow I'm having my annual historic epic evening, with 300, Gladiator, Braveheart, and the new addition; The Northman. I'm finishing the year with a LotR Extended trilogy evening. Oh, and I saw Avatar II: The Way of Water at the movies; it was what I expected, a jaw-dropping visual spectacle with great action and a paper-thin story.

Currently looking forward to The Last of Us on HBO in three weeks, I actually entered a competition on HBO where you can win tickets to the premiere here in the city, on the 12th of January.

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Finished several anime during my 4 day weekend and the past week in general.

-Detective Conan: The Culprit Hanzawa
-Do It Yourself!!
-Mob Psycho 100 III
-Peter Grill and the Philosopher's Time: Super Extra
-Pokemon Movie 4: Pokemon 4Ever
-Pokemon: Pikachu's Pikaboo"
-Pokemon: Mewtwo Returns
-Pokemon: Pikachu's Winter Vacation
-Pokemon: Pikachu's Winter Vacation 2000
-Pokemon: Pikachu's Winter Vacation 2001
-Raven of the Inner Palace
-The Daily Life of the Immortal King 3

Gonna be finishing up another one tonight.

We tried The Mole on Netflix, excited to see the show is finally back. Well it isn't. It's just a scripted fake with bad actors :( It's still nice to see the different sides of Australia from rain forest to snow capped mountains, but the 'game' part is tedious to watch. Why did they not make a real game show? :/

The show has been aired in 40 countries, all local productions including several celebrity versions. Maybe they should put those on...

Customer Wars. Woman card 911 over her son's haircut. Get your priorities straight, stupid bitch, it's not like the barber was a pedophile.

Avatar 2: Glad I saw this in 3D. There have been some good implementations of the tech in the past, but I think this is the first time I genuinely felt a VR-like 'presence' while watching a 3D film. There was a moment where I physically moved my head to try and put the sun behind the characters'. I've never interacted with a film like that before and it was pretty surreal. The fluid sims on display were also unprecedented and characters could communicate with each other and the audience through microexpressions alone. Definitely a new technical high water mark for the industry. The story was okay too, I guess.

Glass Onion: Rian Johnson continues to be one of the best directors working today. This flick was especially timely, not just by incorporating the pandemic into the script but in its prescient takedown of the modern billionaire. As many laughs and subversions as any movie he's put out, too.

Puss in Boots 2: I was going to skip this as I hadn't seen a Shrek film since the second but good reviews swayed me and I'm glad they did. It's a solid fable with entertaining characters and the most beautiful stylized animation I've seen since Arcane (though Spiderverse 2 is sure to retake the crown). Loved every scene with their version of Death in particular.

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We watched Wednesday, that was really good. Tim Burton still has it! I hope it gets another season.
Currently watching Dead to me. My wife wants to watch S3 with me so catching up. Not my first choice, but well made. Dark comedy, pretty good.

I was wondering why Netflix looked so crap after signing back up. Turned out all the profiles had reverted to low quality streaming. Sneaky. Turning them back to high and it looks decent again. Far from blu-ray quality but at least no more 480p you tube quality...

The Last of Us will 'air' here on Crave, don't have it, $20 a month, nvm. I'll wait for the blu-ray (if it's good)