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Finished The Peripheral recently, it wasn't nearly as good as I had hoped, there were some seriously ludicrous leaps of logic going on (mostly goofs regarding the setting). Watched Jack Ryan season 3 yesterday, which was brilliant, nice to see James Cosmo again! Also finished Euphoria season 2 today, it's really good, pulls no punches. Andor is on my watch list, I'm only about 4 episodes in.
I bought a bunch of 4K movies about a month ago, to watch during my vacation. I've had Tom Hanks evening (Saving Private Ryan, The Green Mile, and Forrest Gump), Matrix Trilogy, Denis Villeneuve evening (Dune, Blade Runner 2049, Arrival - he's a master of the visual arts). Tomorrow I'm having my annual historic epic evening, with 300, Gladiator, Braveheart, and the new addition; The Northman. I'm finishing the year with a LotR Extended trilogy evening. Oh, and I saw Avatar II: The Way of Water at the movies; it was what I expected, a jaw-dropping visual spectacle with great action and a paper-thin story.

Currently looking forward to The Last of Us on HBO in three weeks, I actually entered a competition on HBO where you can win tickets to the premiere here in the city, on the 12th of January.