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Ghost in the Shell: SAC_2045: GitS is one of my all time favorite franchises with the original Stand Alone Complex tied with the original film as my favorite entries. The first season of this sequel series was pretty underwhelming, especially in its initial form. Almost everything is a big step down from the original from the writing to the music to the visuals. Things got a bit better when the iconic voice cast of the English dub returned and the second season rolled out. Season 2 is a noticeable notch above the first in most respects, losing some of the silliness and resembling SAC a bit more. Then the ending throws you for a vague and incoherent loop and I have some pretty mixed feelings about it. In all it was nice to say hello again to my favorite versions of some beloved characters but that's about it. After some pretty mixed entries I hope this franchise can find its groove again.

Bullet Train: Fun action film in the vein of other 'killer's brawl' movies like Smokin' Aces, though I was only moderately entertained. Pitt gives an endearing performance as a reluctant, almost pacifistic killer and most of the cast are pretty charming. Not sure I'd watch again, though.

Prey: You know when a trailer sneaks up on you and it looks good and you hope it's good and it actually turns out good despite the odds? This was Prey for me and it feels pretty good, man. Easily the best entry since the first - not that that's a high bar to clear. Bit sad that the best sequel of the bunch is the one that doesn't get a theatrical release.

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My Current TV Show Backlog: The Flash S7 - S8, Fear The Walking Dead S6 - S7, Legends of Tomorrow S6 - S7, The Walking Dead S10 - S11, The 100 S7, Fargo S4, Brooklyn Nine Nine S8, Chucky S1, Wheel of Time S1, Shadow and Bone S1, Westworld S4, The Book of Boba Fett S1, The Expanse S6, Hawkeye S1, Moon Knight S1, Halo S1, The Sandman S1, I Am Groot S1.

Maybe Start: Upload, Evil, Star Trek: Strange New Worlds, 1883, Peacemaker, The Old Man, What We Do in the Shadows.

Near Future (New) Shows I'm Looking Out For: 1899, She-Hulk, Edgerunners, The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power, Andor, The Witcher: Blood Origin, The Last of Us, The Midnight Club, Cabinet of Curiosities, Willow.

This time I mean it, I'm going to (starting today) cut this backlog down by at least half

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Wanted to see more from Makoto Shinkai, and was not disappointed. Wonderful film, and I'm not usually one for romances so it takes a lot for one to win me over.

I was shocked to read that the director considers it unfinished and not good enough, when its one of the best anime films I have seen.

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Brooklyn Nine Nine S8 ✅
Shadow and Bone S1 ✅

B99 ended on a good note, a lot of nice callbacks in the final episode, a great show overall but I do think it was about the right time to end it. Enjoyed Shadow and Bone too, I was a bit unsure on the cast at first, I thought they looked a little young but it oddly worked I think, I liked them all by the end, I will watch Season 2.

Gonna do Hawkeye and Moon Knight next.

Pacific Rim

Still a fantastic love letter to the kaiju/sentai genre, paying homage to its long and storied history while propelling it into the modern age. 

Its a crime this wasn't nominated for best effects in 2013, it still looks incredible today, nearly a decade later.

Bet with Liquidlaser: I say PS5 and Xbox Series will sell more than 56 million combined by the end of 2023. (And over 130 million lifetime)

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The Sandman: Uneven, but when it hits it hits. The casting, performances, and sets are excellent. Some story lines are utterly fascinating but others not so much. The first half of the season in particular is great but it loses steam toward the end. I hope this show gets a long and healthy run and I'll definitely read the source material at some point.

Thirteen Lives: Good survival movie that really gives you an appreciation for just how crazy a rescue operation Tham Luang was. The solution to finally get the kids out was jaw dropping.

Sandman was great but some episodes ... but i think this was probably the first show i watched that bothered me for being woke to the extreme and sometimes weird. Not talking about the gender and skin color swapping, my two favourite characters are death and constantine.

Hawkeye ✅
Moon Knight ✅
The Book of Boba Fett ✅

Mostly enjoyed Hawkeye and Moon Knight, I had fun with them, aside from a few issues, I'd take a Season 2 but I'm not dying for one, if it doesn't happen then fine. Boba Fett was a mixed bag, I need improvement for Season 2.

The Sandman ✅

Loved it, I'd say the first 6 episodes are great, especially episode 4 & 5, episode 6 was beautifully done and I think the best, those 3 episodes were definitely the peak of the season, the final 4 episodes while I still enjoyed them for the most part felt a bit like an odd switch and I wanted more Morpheus, the final 4 episodes were a dip in quality but still good enough to me and I'm looking forward to future seasons.

Casting was great too, Dream, Desire, Death were brilliant along with most of the cast, not really anyone that I didn't like seeing, set design was great and I'm invested in the lore already. Anyone else who likes The Sandman should try out Good Omens too as that's another great Neil Gaiman adaptation.

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Star Trek: Strange New Worlds S1 ✅

I'm not really the biggest Star Trek fan, I've only watched the reboot films...This was pretty good though, I like the casting, La'an reminds me of Drummer from The Expanse, Nurse Chapel was great, Pike was awesome, etc. The show is sorta set up like an individual story thing, as in, there isn't really an overarching story, no big bad to defeat, each episode is basically just them going round doing Starfleet stuff, dealing with problems.

Hopefully Season 2 is as good...I haven't watched the other 20 (Jk) spinoffs but I've not really heard many good things about them, though as I'm not really a huge Star Trek fan, I never really had much interest in all these spinoffs to begin with, I watched Strange New Worlds to make the most out of my Paramount sub and cause it was the highest rated, Lol.

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What We Do in the Shadows S1 - S3 ✅

Brilliant show, I wish I started it sooner, I don't know why I put it off for years but I mostly only watched it for Matt Berry cause he's hilarious but the entire cast is brilliant and funny in their own ways - Nandor, Laszlo, Nadja, Guillermo and Colin...Struggle to pick a favourite, I'd still say Laszlo but they all work so well that I wouldn't want to lose any of them.

Jackie Daytona and Colin's focused episode are my favourite two episodes of the show so far, now I've got to wait for Season 4 to be available in UK.