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DarthMetalliCube said:

Severance - Close second only to Squid Game as far as favorite new show. Love the surrealist quasi-sci-fi ala The Matrix, the mind-bending concept of the split identities, very atmospheric, again great performances (particularly by Adam Scott and Britt Lower). Makes you really intrigued as to where they're going. Hopefully the writers don't pull a "Lost" and actually know what they're doing as far as the big picture.

Assuming you have Apple Plus (as you mentioned Severance), a show I'd recommend on the service is For All Mankind. It's an alt-history drama that flirts with science fiction that asks the question "What if the space race didn't end?". I'd recommend not looking up any videos, previews, or anything of the show until after watching the first episode. It's be best not to have that episode spoiled, as the explanation of why the space race continues is answered in that episode. It's a very interesting scene/set of scenes, and just about every video/article about the show spoils the first episode.

But without spoiling that (or other plot specifics), the show currently starts in the 1960s and has made it up to the early 2000s. Apart from the space race continuing, the USSR doesn't fall. The first season is in the 1960s and 70s. The second takes place in the 1980s. The third season in the 1990s. The show uses music and general clothing styles from the decades in question. Technology evolves a bit differently. Much like Rome (the HBO series) the show digs into the layers of society via a few people from different parts of society to give a more full picture of what's going on, and much like Rome there's also a lot of mental breakdown stuff.

For All Mankind was developed by Ronald D. Moore - best known for being a senior writer on Star Trek The Next Generation and Deep Space 9, and the showrunner for Battle Star Galactica. Although, unlike Battlestar Galactica, he has a 7 year plan for For All Mankind rather than a 2 year plan. And, IMO, the thematic feeling of the show is a bit similar to BSG, although far more polished in the writing and the production... He's come a long way as a writer, as (if you remember) BSG had a lot of plot threads that just kind of went nowhere. For All Mankind is much more solidly written; the storylines mostly resolve quickly, and the consequences reverberate through the show. The result is something that feels as satisfying on an episode by episode level as an episodic show, but also feels like one of those TV series novels at the same time.

Without spoiling plot details: the show has three main settings: in the homes of the astronauts, and dealing with their families. In The Johnson Space Center (Houston) which is the heart of the show. And the last but most exciting part of the show is the stuff that takes place in space. What happens in one place often impacts the other two.

But anyway, check out the show, and like I said. Go watch the first episode without looking up any other details about the show.

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I watched the Korean version of money heist.

Pretty much most the story is the same as the Spanish version, but they took an interesting plot of North and South trying to unify. The background stories of the characters have been adopted to the south and north concept too. Hopefully if they do a season two it is totally independent of the Spanish show and come sup with a new plot.



Last night I watched the anime A Silent Voice with my wife. She cancelled me to my face because I laughed through the whole thing.’well like 40 minutes of it because she didn’t want to watch any more with me if I wasn’t taking it seriously. Then she didn’t even want to watch one of my choices: Schindler’s List and Hotel Rwanda, those films are awesome! And I forget why I’m writing this, I have something to admit, I’ve been high for many hours.

It’s fucking Saturday! IT’S SATURDAY!!!!!

I describe myself as a little dose of toxic masculinity.

This silly Mario video. Can we take a moment to appreciate the animation quality?

Got my daughter to watch my favorite Xmas movie with me, Die Hard.

Then my other daughter came back from college yesterday and we watched Smile.

Really creepy with good jump scares, not a terrible story either. Not sure where I really stand with the ending, but I guess it sets it up for more editions.

My wife and I started Ozark, but she is finishing it herself since I working the holidays.

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Andor: The freshest take on the Star Wars universe since Visions. Like Rogue One before it, it barely even feels like a SW entry at times in the best way.. The writing, directing, performances, and cinematography are all on point. I have to admit that I was slow to warm to it at first but by the back half of the season I was hooked. This is the best entry in the franchise in a LONG time and I can't wait for Part 2.

Very deserving of its acclaim.

Just started watching Sonic Prime. A big improvement over Sonic Boom.

These movies are going to be epic. It feels like Tom Cruise's swan song as an action hero and they are sparing no expense or effort.

Customer Wars. Some people are just holy shit.

Wednesday: Good show, Jenna Ortega is brilliant as Wednesday, Enid is awesome too, I don't really care about any of the adult cast though, aside from maybe the Principle because Gwendoline is great, Uncle Fester feels a bit miscast or poorly directed and I don't think much of Wednesday's parents either, I'm fine if they don't focus on her family.

She-Hulk: Thought it was fun, Tatiana is great as She-Hulk and it was cool to see Wong (Wongers, Lol), Abomination, Daredevil and Bruce. Would like to see more "Lawyering" though and I thought the villain was weak, though honestly, the villains in most of these Marvel TV Shows have been weak Imo.

1883: Great show, an extremely strong cast as well, it had some cool action and some characters I'd like to see receive spinoff shows considering this is a spinoff from Yellowstone which has two other spinoffs announced for it, no intention of watching Yellowstone, doesn't interest me at all, but these old cowboys shows being greenlit is pretty cool. I'll be watching 1923 eventually as well.

Upload: Great show, very funny and more emotional than I thought it would be, Season 2 however has some weird pacing issues and is cut short, I don't know why that was but hopefully Season 3 is back to 10 episodes, Season 1 was definitely stronger but I still had fun with Season 2. Honestly the trailer doesn't do it justice, I kept putting it off despite being told to watch it because I thought the trailers look meh.

Alice in Borderland: Good show, I enjoyed most of the games played, although in Season 2, the side character Chishiya definitely had better games than the main character. I'm not really a fan of some of the villains in Season 1 as they act a bit too much "anime" for me. Anyway, I thought the final game was great and the ending was good, it ends on a good note whether it gets renewed or not.