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Wednesday: Good show, Jenna Ortega is brilliant as Wednesday, Enid is awesome too, I don't really care about any of the adult cast though, aside from maybe the Principle because Gwendoline is great, Uncle Fester feels a bit miscast or poorly directed and I don't think much of Wednesday's parents either, I'm fine if they don't focus on her family.

She-Hulk: Thought it was fun, Tatiana is great as She-Hulk and it was cool to see Wong (Wongers, Lol), Abomination, Daredevil and Bruce. Would like to see more "Lawyering" though and I thought the villain was weak, though honestly, the villains in most of these Marvel TV Shows have been weak Imo.

1883: Great show, an extremely strong cast as well, it had some cool action and some characters I'd like to see receive spinoff shows considering this is a spinoff from Yellowstone which has two other spinoffs announced for it, no intention of watching Yellowstone, doesn't interest me at all, but these old cowboys shows being greenlit is pretty cool. I'll be watching 1923 eventually as well.

Upload: Great show, very funny and more emotional than I thought it would be, Season 2 however has some weird pacing issues and is cut short, I don't know why that was but hopefully Season 3 is back to 10 episodes, Season 1 was definitely stronger but I still had fun with Season 2. Honestly the trailer doesn't do it justice, I kept putting it off despite being told to watch it because I thought the trailers look meh.

Alice in Borderland: Good show, I enjoyed most of the games played, although in Season 2, the side character Chishiya definitely had better games than the main character. I'm not really a fan of some of the villains in Season 1 as they act a bit too much "anime" for me. Anyway, I thought the final game was great and the ending was good, it ends on a good note whether it gets renewed or not.