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Metallox said:

I can't stop calling Nargacuga Nicaragua, or Narcagua, but I agree that it is one of the most problematic monsters (still have to fight the remaining 6 star village monsters, though), but I insist is not as bad as Zinogre. Perhaps I have gone with that impression because I farmed Zinogre for a while for its plate (to no avail, btw).

Question: could it be considered acceptable to kill, say, Magnamalo and Rathalos in a single solo quest in about 25-30 minutes? I spend the first 5 minutes completing subquests as quickly as possible, the remaining time is me killing the mobs. I feel like I'm lagging behind, as if wasn't putting the amount of skill was demanding out of me at this point, because, while it's not super hard and I haven't failed a quest a single time, it's still challenging, a little bit too much, I find myself taking potions and using healing bugs very frequently. I have watched a few videos of people soloing big monsters with the gunlance (there aren't many, really), but I can't replicate the ease with which they kill the monsters, they are just too agile, which is the main problem. Tomorrow I'll explore other weapon, I think it's time.

Don't put performance pressure on yourself. You win the quest and all is fine. The time the game gives you is 50 minutes, so you are well below that. In Monster Hunter 3 Ultimate I actually failed a quest by running out timer. It was the helicopter monster, Duramboros. In the beginning I never got close enough to deal damage. That running out timer was made worse, because I already had him limping and going to sleep, but as I engaged him then, the time run out. So don't sweat if you need half the allocated time for the quest, you are doing fine. You are not speed running or something. If you feel it becomes too easy, you can put challenges on yourself, like killing it in under x minutes or whatever.

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I have just made my first sub 18 minutes Rathalos+Magna quest, and I was playing on portable mode. So happy, 'cause next target is doing this same quest under 15, which should be much easier on the TV with the pro Controller. :)

Thank you to both of you. I changed to the bow and it's certainly a nice change of pace, being able to roll with the weapon out is a blessing. Still trying to figure it out, though.

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Man I just got the Magnomalo sword and shield and I am in love with it, the blast effect is so satisfying. The weapon itself looks damn cool as well.

Played Jyuratodus for the first time last night, no idea why so many MH fans seem to hate him, I found it a good fight.

Also stuck deciding between Pukei, Volvidon, and Basarios as my next set of High Rank armor, to replace my current full Izuchi set as the monsters ramp up and it inevitably becomes outclassed.

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Kushala + Teostra + Chameleos

Now im excited.

So the monsters are about what I expected, but the news dropped today surprised me in a few positive ways I wasn't really expecting.

-Some Apex Monsters being available outside of rampages

-Layered Armor forgeable?!?!?!

-Next update in MAY

when they originally said the date for the next update would be TBD, I expected like late July-late August. Late may is soo, sooo nice!

Regular quests for Apex monsters is a nice addition as well. Quest variety is lacking in endgame.

These are all great additions, but yeah, most of these features are almost always available at launch in any recent MH game. 

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The update is live now; I'm downloading it as I type this.

I'm happy with what we're getting; while I'm not that into the Apexs, the addition of Teostra, Kushala, and Chameleos is cool, and the 3.0 update coming in May is much sooner than I was expecting, I was thinking more like sometime in August-November.

At this rate I'll never stop playing this damn game haha. I swear it's more addictive than crack.

curl-6 said:

and the 3.0 update coming in May is much sooner than I was expecting, I was thinking more like sometime in August-November.

This isn't other developers .... 


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