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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - I'm beginning to think Switch's 2021-2023 will mirror Wii's 2011-2012.

Yeah, I don't know. The first 4 months of 2021 are looking pretty legit to me. SM3DW is getting some decent looking new content for it's Switch port, then we have Bravely Default 2, Monster Hunter Rise, and New Pokemon Snap. Later this year we are looking at SMT V and Disgaea 6 (third party exclusives), plus Ys IX this summer. 

Beyond that, I think it's very unlikely that the 3D World port is all Nintendo has for us. Pretty much anything that was planned for Fall 2020 this time last year will certainly be out this year, we've probably got Q1 and 2 2021 games that will end up launching in the Fall, and I'm not convinced yet that we won't get BotW2 (cautiously optimistic).

The way I see it, our potential range is decent to exceptional for 2021. Only time will tell.

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Based on Nintendo’s track record your worries are totally warranted. But this time I believe it will be different. I expect this year to be really good. We’ll see.

Oh yeah to give u a more positive comment, although I still criticize the library as a whole, in past generations 10do had to shift dev resources to their next console games. Im thinking the switch 2 will have dual releases/backwards compatibility w the switch and a similar architecture. So, I dont think ur particular issue will be too bad this time. Just speculation tho.

They did not release a lot of games in 2020. Just animal crossing... (Not counting second party stuff) So where are the other games ? I think we will see some new stuff this year.
Nintendo make mistakes but they usually don't make them twice. I see a lot of support for the switch even at the end. Ditching the Wii like they did was a big mistake. Now they have a financial guy as a president so I guess their game releases are more planned.
And if Switch is really a plateform, Switch games will be compatible with the next switch, so I will not worry about game release and game schedule.

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Metallox said:
curl-6 said:

This year it will have been 3-4 years since the last new game from Monolith Soft, the 3D Mario team, the core Zelda team, and the Mario Kart team. 

Since it's highly unlikely they started working on Switch 2 games back in 2018, it stands to reason there are still major first party games from the big EAD teams still coming this year.

I want to bet Monolith definitely has something for this year. The idea makes me fly so high...

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In recent times we've seen:

- Age of Calamity revealed 2 and a half months from release

- New Pokemon Snap dated 3 and half months out

- Mario Kart Live revealed a month and a half from release

- Paper Mario Origami King revealed 2 months out

Yeah, it's annoying the way they do this, but it does mean ruling out the next two years in advance is kinda pointless. 

2023 might indeed be a bit sparse as they gear up for Switch 2, but at this point I see no sign that this year and next will be weak.

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I get the sentiment OP, but I don't think this year will be as dry as you think. Here is an example. The Mario Kart team has been very consistent will releasing a game every 3 years. Mario Kart DS in 2005, Mario Kart Wii in 2008, Mario Kart 7 in 2011, Mario Kart 8 in 2014, and ARMS in 2017. 2020 probably would have seen a new game from them, be it Mario kart 9 or an ARMS 2. But COVID delays and whatnot, the game was likely pushed back to 2021. We haven't see anything from the guys that make 3D Mario (the Tokyo branch) and there was also a tease of something for Splatoon in 2020. There may be more. The point I'm making is there will clearly be more games on the Switch. The recent news drought is likely due to A)Nintendo holding stuff for a Swtich Pro reveal and B)Nintendo being so retarded when it comes to announcing games that they somehow have the exact opposite problem Sony has. 

Agente42 said:


New SKU ( more powerful maybe with DLSS)

One Mario 2D

One Monolith project

One open world Retro Project. 

A new 3d Mario.

Gonna need a source on that one since as far as I've seen, they are pretty much just working on Metroid Prime. 

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