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I think the best is...

Original series 8 11.94%
The Next Generation 34 50.75%
Deep Space Nine 8 11.94%
Voyager 11 16.42%
Enterprise 3 4.48%
Discovery 2 2.99%
Picard 1 1.49%

DS9 is a terrible Star Trek but a great Sci-Fi series. As a Star Trek show, it goes against a lot of what Trek is esp when it hit War. That said my fave episodes are when they travel back to the TOS era and Sisko as the Sci-Fi writer in the 50s. Ahead of its time. That episode rings more true today than when it aired..which is a tragedy. It should feel less true now.

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The Next Generation obviously.


Galaxy Quest!

Ok, but seriously, I loved Star Trek: Next Generation. I can't say I've watched anything other than the OG and NG, but watching Next Generation every week was part of my childhood. It was epic and the episodes were optimistic and inspiring. It's something I miss about the 80s and early 90s: shows (from cartoons to sitcoms to scifi series) were teaching you good moral values and life lessons. I miss those times and think we could all use a bit of them now. Of course, I know how that would go down.

The Animated Series.

Says the person who has not watched even a single minute of Star Trek content in his life.

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It close for me between TNG and DS9 but TNG wins by a hair. DS9 a bit more consistent with the 3 worse season of DS9 being better then the 3 worse seasons of TNG but I prefer the best 4 TNG seasons over the best 4 DS9 seasons. I going to give the edge to peak over consistency especially since while DS9 did not have entire seasons I disliked as much as entire seasons of TNG there was still some extremely painful to watch episodes sprinkle into each season of DS9.

Tier one

1. TNG
2. DS9

Tier two
3. Discovery
4. Enterprise
5. TOS

I know am going to get attacked on this one but I enjoyed discovery for most part. Does it really feel like star trek no but at least it kept me entertained.

As for enterprise truthfully I just really really enjoyed season 3. Throw that season out and it would fall way below TOS. TOS is tough one to place. There are certain episode I absolutely love The Menagerie, Balance of Terror, The City on the Edge of Forever, Trouble with Tribbles but most the other episodes just did not age well for me and found myself having a hard time concentrating long enough to get through a number of episodes.

Finally there Picard and Voyager. Picard I found absolutely horrible and not decided yet if I even attempt to watch season 2 hoping it get better or don't risk putting me through the torture of watching another season like the first. I mean TNG season one was probably the most painful season of star trek I watched till PICARD and it ended up being my favorite star trek show ever so there hope but I still not liking those odds.

As for Voyager I tried I really tried but I have not successfully made it through. I stopped somewhere in season 3. I mean what I did watch was better then Picard so there that but Picard was 10 episodes, I was already over 50 episodes into Voyager and it was still not getting better for me and I just could not take any more.

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For me it's a very close race between TNG, DS9, and Voyager. All three are excellent, and I've watched some episodes over a dozen times.

In the end I think I have to give it to Voyager, though I'm sure the fact that it's the one I watched the most growing up has a lot to do with that. The central plot of crossing an entire unknown quadrant of the galaxy to try to get home was a compelling one, and Seven and the Doctor are two of my absolute favourite characters in any TV show. In addition to being drop dead gorgeous, Seven was just so damn relatable to me, as someone who didn't really understand human social codes or indeed herself, and struggled to fit in and interact with others. That basically sums up my own life as an autistic.

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TNG = DS9 = TOS [> ORV] > VOY >>> ENT >>>>>> STD* >>>>>>>>> PIC**

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** intolerable (I absolutely understand now why Shatner can‘t stand Stewart)

NightlyPoe said:
shikamaru317 said:

I agree with alot of what you say here. In many ways DS9 is the best show of all of them, as you so perfectly illustrated with your post. But it's also kind of the worst Star Trek show. Star Trek was always about exploration, which is the weakest element of DS9 by far. So many episodes of the show are set primarily on the station, like more than two thirds as I recall. There are a few exploration episodes, especially after they get the Defiant, but it by far has the least exploration of all of the Trek shows that I've watched. People always say that Roddenberry hated DS9, and I can understand why. The lack of exploration, coupled with the show's religious and war themes were the antithesis of Roddenberry's viewpoints, but that's also one of the reasons why I like DS9 so much, it's not afraid to show that the Utopian peaceful society of Roddenberry's dreams couldn't exist without the occasional war to protect said Utopia. It's also not afraid to call out Roddenberry's views on religion, which I like a Christian myself.

You see, I believe that DS9 maintained the premise of Star Trek, except it substituted some of the episodic exploration with a deep dive of multiple cultures and races.  Whereas TOS and TNG were content to put a bow on a single episode's message as the aliens of the week conformed with the writers' needs, DS9 went ahead and wallowed in all the nuance of all their choices, seeing them through to the end.

I believe this all is very much in line with Star Trek as it explores the ethics.  It just does so in long form.  Whereas TNG could introduce the Bajorans and dismiss them within an episode once Ro Laren's character go her backstory, DS9 stayed there and probed the wounds of a planet recovering from not only years of repression and murder, but the self-inflicted wounds of the violence they'd committed to end the occupation.  We got to understand the strength they drew from their religion and how their faith made them vulnerable to those who would take advantage of that faith.

And that's to say nothing of the meticulous reading of other cultures such as the Cardassians, Klingons, Ferengi, Dominion, and even the Federation that keep getting circled back to time and again.

As for Roddenberry, hating DS9.  I'm sure he would have as his buying into the lore of Star Trek as some utopian paradise hamstrung TNG in its early days and produced arguably the worst season of the entire franchise.  Sadly, the show, like the movies before them, needed to be wrestled out of his hands in order to succeed.

All that said, Roddenberry died over a year before the DS9's first episode aired, so he couldn't have had much of an opinion of it. 

DS9 was in the works for a while and Gene approved the concept for DS9 before he died. Of course in 1991 they probably just had the bare basics of takes place on an alien station.

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Since I happen to have it saved, this is my list of "should see" episodes (for quality, plot, character development).
Only question mark is the Storyteller is S1, which wasn't great, but I think communicated character relationships.


Too hard for me to pick. But I haven’t seen Discovery or Enterprise.

Of the ones I have seen, I loved the first series of TOS, but the second and third weren’t as good.
TNG and Voyager kept it fresh by changing things up throughout. I liked how Voyager pivoted away from doing the story arc thing when it clearly wasn’t working, and went back to strong episodic content with more focus on the core cast members, and the addition of 7 of 9.

DS9 has strong characters and a few really great episodes, but I didn’t like the series as much as the others. The attempt at story arcing failed, IMO, as it was the episodic content that worked best. The war stories were borderline retarded - they really shouldn’t have leaned so heavily into it because Star Trek writers have no clue how to write a military show; making a novice like Sisqo an expert at everything and all the hardened admirals incompetent was frustrating, to say the least. And all the weird culty Bajoran stuff was dumb and boring. It‘s like an uninspired and unresearched ripoff of Babylon 5. That said, I did like the characters a lot in DS9, but the show needed a lot more to feel like a quality Star Trek.

Speaking of Babylon 5, THAT’s how you do a story arc. That’s also how you do a space station show correctly. I also liked how the series was basically the Silmarillion meets the Cold War in space except the whole time you think Earth is an analogue for the US or the West, and you eventually realize that it’s more like one of the third world countries being manipulated by the higher powered alien races (in this case, kind of like a Cold War between the Space Valar and Space Morgoth/Angband). Essentially, one side believes the universe will advance via order and building, and the other side via chaos and destruction - a bit Darwinistic because their theory is the strong will adapt and win while the weak will perish and make room. The whole conflict between the two powers basically ends with the war of wrath, which in the Silmarillion involved millions of troops, and ridiculously sized dragons against ridiculously sized eagles and gods/heroes flying through the sky, and destroying a large part of Middle Earth. Babylon 5 also has some Lord of the Rings references too, and some of the characters are based on the story arcs of Lord of the Rings characters... If you can’t tell, I REALLY like Babylon 5 =P

My apologies to DS9 fans, I don’t hate the show, I watched it twice, but I also know too much about the topic they are trying to cover to really enjoy it. I also saw Babylon 5 before I saw DS9, so that really impacted my opinion of the show. While Babylon 5 didn’t have the production value of DS9, it did have the vastly superior storytelling. It also felt like a real place, I kind of felt like DS9 just kept inventing new parts of the station when they needed it for something.

One more complaint, DS9 felt very small on the inside compared to B5 (despite looking as big on the outside). On top of that, on B5 there was always a sense of knowing where you were on the station in most scenes, especially after series 1, but I never understood where anything was in relation to anything else on DS9 and I doubt they ever had a plan.

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