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Forums - Sony Discussion - Sony: PS4's Lifespan Will Be 3-4 More Years

smroadkill15 said:
It really makes MS 1-2 years not seem so bad now, does it?

This has nothing to do with Sonys first party output. Fifa will continue shipping on PS4 until 2025 most likely 

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That's a typical PR statement that is supposed to sound more impressive than it really it The PS4 community will not continue to be incredibly important for Sony, but the PS4 will continue to be produced and distributed until it has run its natural course of life. Nothing unusual about this.

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If course there's transitions, just like there always has been. I believe PS4 will still the first party games that are still under development, with no new ones announced, while 3rd parties still keep supporting the system as long as they can make enough money to justify the development.
And, of course Sony will manufacture the system until the sales numbers drop.

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Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

I'm guessing this means we'll definitely get a price cut here soon. Can't imagine a $349-$399 PS4 Pro doing well against a $399 PS5. Really, the Slim needs to drop to $199 and the Pro needs to drop to $299.

Does this mean they've given up on the ps3??

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Then give it a damn price cut!

This isn't news people. Few consoles instantly die when the successor comes out. Certainly every Playstation console has kept selling and receiving games for several more years after the follow up comes out.

The comment of "console generations being kinda over" is just irrelevant - this is the normal trend.

Also even if the PS4 doesn't quite last 4 more years Sony are going to keep telling people this because saying otherwise would be stupid.

BraLoD said:
Then give it a damn price cut!

I feel like you should make a thread about that to really let people know :P

With the right price, I can see PS4 hitting 130m. We need a $200 PS4. How about a digital one?

$130 PS4D
$200 PS4
$400 PS5D
$500 PS5

Or perhaps in 2 years

$150 PS4
$380 PS5D
$480 PS5

and in 4 years

$0.99 PS4
$300 PS5D
$450 PS5
$550 PS5 Pro

PS4 hits 250m units.

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Not surprising at all. The PS3 managed to be available until 2016 in the West and 2017 in Japan. And that was the lowest-selling PlayStation home console. First-party releases will probably be dead at some point in 2021. But we'll get third-parties until at least 2024.

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