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Forums - Sony Discussion - Spider-Man: Miles Morales, Horizon Forbidden West, and Sackboy confirmed cross-gen

Really lame. That leaves me with no reason to buy the damn thing until God of War releases. Guess I'll shift funds to pc upgrades for now.

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mutantsushi said:
"Not so long ago people were drooling over the horizon trailer now just bc there's a ps4 version announcement I only see despise for the game... How shallow a person can be.. guess it's only the next gen status that matters Let it go your ego, just assume you were admiring a cross gen title"

That seems absurd, I agree it doesn't detract from game itself, but the integrity of Sony's messaging is legit topic to address.
It is possible to still like Horizon as a game, while also confronting hypocrisy and fakeness of Sony's messaging up to now.
Certainly this is nothing strange to expect by normal dynamics of game industry, but Sony was one who posed as anti-crossgen.

I knew this was gonna be blown outta proportion. But someone has to say it I guess.

There has been no lost integrity here. And people pushing this agenda are being obtuse cause all the facts are right in front of them. MS said they do not believe in generations and said that everything the make or the next two years would be cross-gen. That is what people were against. Sony said they believe in generations, they NEVER said anything about not doing anything cross-gen or making everything cross-gen.

Sony has announced 7 fist party titles for the first year. GOW, Ratchet, Demon Souls, Horizon, Spiderman, LBP, All-stars. 3 are cross-gen, 4 are not. How many Xbox first-party games are confirmed to be next-gen exclusive?

Or if that's not clear enough, tell me how saying "w believe in generations" means that you will not release a single cross-gen game.

Dgc1808 said:
Really lame. That leaves me with no reason to buy the damn thing until God of War releases. Guess I'll shift funds to pc upgrades for now.

I was thinking the same thing, but I changed my mind. I already sold my PS4pro, got a good deal on it a year ago and literally have the money just sitting there. So I preordered anyways. There are games I still have to play anyways. Lots o games and they all seem to be getting the PS5 treatment.

shikamaru317 said:

Digital Foundry's John Linneman is very disappointed by their decision to make Horizon: Forbidden West cross-gen, seems he has reason to believe that it's not a case of the game being designed for PS5 and then ported to PS4, but rather a case of it being designed for both simultaneously, resulting in PS4 holding the game back on PS5. 

Well yeah. These games are in development for years.
Flipping a switch and make it work on PS4 all of a sudden is pretty unlikely. Especially a first party PS5 game which would probably have aspects of its level design built around the SSD.

Angelus said:
This is legit one of the funniest things that I've heard this year.

I really can't stop laughing 🤣. I don't care about either Sony or Microsoft super detailed graphics since I game on switch but all those Sony fanboys annoying the hell out of Xbox fans and fanboys.  I wondered what they're thinking now

Just a guy who doesn't want to be bored. Also

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Forbidden West 600p on OG PS4 confirmed? In all honesty, I am a bit dissapointed in this. Still, with my backlog, and other systems as well, I have a feeling that a PS5 purchase will be 2022 for me.

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Demon's Souls will come to PC and maybe PS4 and nobody can make me change my mind. That "human error" thing is hilarious xD

Does that means hzd reveal was just a cgi trailer

The initial reporting of Horizon 2 stated it as a game around PS4. Even if it was PS5 exclusive, we know it wasnt built around PS5 hardware. This was even more obvious for Sackboy and spiderman.

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Who cares that these games are cross gen? Glad late PS5 adopters that cant afford a PS5 at launch can still play them on their PS4.

My issue here is consumer trust, Sony lost some of that today by not being up front about cross from the jump.
They literally used manipulation to build community hype. To me thats wrong, Sony should know better and it will be just a lil bit harder to trust them on their word going forward.
Trust in all relationships is a big deal, again they should have known better.