Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What's Your % Usage of Switch in Portable/TV Modes?

Amount of time using Switch in TV or Portable mode:

Nearly 100% Portable Mode 10 12.99%
75% Portable Mode, 25% TV Mode 19 24.68%
50% Handheld & TV Mode 13 16.88%
75% TV Mode, 25% Portable Mode 11 14.29%
Nearly 100% TV Mode 24 31.17%

Like 99% TV mode.

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I only play in handheld mode when I play Animal Crossing.

Currently a 60:40 split in favor of TV mode. Definitely gets its fair share of both.

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My use of the dock might be closer to 100% than 75%, but I voted for 75% docked. I've spent about 85%-90% in docked mode. I don't play the Switch much outside of the house or care to play it off the TV.

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90 tv and 10 portable


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100% docked, Switch is essentially a home console to me.

For me, gaming is an experience best enjoyed on the big screen.

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100% Table Top Mode

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I play almost always in portable mode, in fact I kinda regret not buying the Lite version to be honest. Visually most games are unimpressive so its more comfortable to play it in portable mode while in bed. 

Probably 50/50 for me. I enjoy TV more, but when I'm wanting to game while watching something with my wife, or if our baby is winding down and we don't want a big screen on to mess up her blue light cycle, or if I'm on vacation like right now, or heck even if I just want a chiller game session on the couch without a big dramatic presentation on the TV, I go portable.

It's a stunningly useful feature of the system.

99% docked. I tried playing on the 6.2" screen with crappy sound, it doesn't compare. I played BotW on a projector, 92" screen, 5.1 surround. Mario Odyssey upscaled by my 4K tv in brilliant colors. Looks so much better than on the pad.

I'll snap a Switch home console version up in a second if it comes with a pro controller. No need for the screen.