Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What's Your % Usage of Switch in Portable/TV Modes?

Amount of time using Switch in TV or Portable mode:

Nearly 100% Portable Mode 10 12.99%
75% Portable Mode, 25% TV Mode 19 24.68%
50% Handheld & TV Mode 13 16.88%
75% TV Mode, 25% Portable Mode 11 14.29%
Nearly 100% TV Mode 24 31.17%

About 75% in portable mode. The other 25% is when I'm forced to use Nintendo's sorry excuse for a d-pad. Then I play in TV mode with an 8bitdo SN30Pro controller.

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I don’t use it that much to begin with, but its been 100% portable for the last year at least. Overal, since the beginning, its probably like 85-90% portable / 10-15% TV, but I picked the 75% option in the poll because I didn’t feel like picking an option that implied I never use it on TV at all.

About 90%tv mode


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I think I'm 60% TV - 40% handheld

using the tabletop mode much more that I expected, outside or when others are watching TV or even when I'm half-watching TV :P , a very handy feature and social too

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TV mode only, I never liked handheld gaming one bit. The joy-con controllers are very uncomfortable for me and the buttons feel too small and "shallow" in their feedback and overall design. It's brilliant in docked mode though, and the Pro controller is possibly the best controller I ever tried.

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I picked nearly 100% portable but I live in a van and travel full time. I do have a tv tucked in here but rarely pull it out (usually just to occasionally play Ring Fit). Back when I lived in an apartment though I probably split my play roughly 50/50.

All most zero % in both modes, pretty much gathered dust since BotW back in 2017 🤣🤣

It depends on how much I'm home. Normally would be 80% portable. It largely depends on the game; Ring Fit Adventure is always a docked game, while games like Animal Crossing are almost always portable. Some, like Xenoblade, I play about 50/50 in each.

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99% in the bathroom

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Nearly 100% Docked but I'd use it a lot more in portable if it wasn't for joycon drift.

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