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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What's Your % Usage of Switch in Portable/TV Modes?


Amount of time using Switch in TV or Portable mode:

Nearly 100% Portable Mode 10 12.99%
75% Portable Mode, 25% TV Mode 19 24.68%
50% Handheld & TV Mode 13 16.88%
75% TV Mode, 25% Portable Mode 11 14.29%
Nearly 100% TV Mode 24 31.17%

I barely use TV mode anymore.

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Roughly 75% TV mode and 25% portable. My joycons are starting to drift a bit but it is nothing too bad yet

Used to play it around 90% in TV mode and only occasionally in portable when I was travelling or desperately wanted to keep playing when I went to bed. Over the last year or so though it's swung massively the other way - I love playing it in portable mode now as it's just easier and more relaxing I find. I answered 50/50 above as that's a fairer reflection of my overall time since I bought the Switch.

The real answer is it depends what game though - major AAA titles I will play docked because they will look and sound better whereas Indie/Retro/handheld-centric games (such as Animal Crossing, Links Awakening etc.) I play in handheld. This is why I love the Switch as a product. I treat it as both my main TV console and handheld one - it gives me the best of both worlds.

99% TV mode

50/50 I guess.

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It barely leaves my room. At most I will use it in handheld mode when watching TV or something

So, this is an interesting question for my Switch, because it's used by 3 different people. Personally, I play about 90% docked because I prefer to use the Pro Controller. But since the D-pad on that controller isn't great, I play certain games like Tetris 99 or NES games in portable. My daughter is almost 100% docked as she basically only plays Fortnite or BOTW on the TV. My son uses it 100% portable. He takes it to his room and plays there, and he logs the most hours on Switch out of the 3 of us.

So, in total it's about 50/50 I think.


If I'm at home, then I'm playing it docked on my TV. I do play it in handheld mode on lunch break at work. I used to bring it to the park a lot, before my wife and I switched to neighborhood walks for our dog during the pandemic. Also pre-pandemic, I used to bring it with me on frequent visits to my parent's house. But, I keep a 2nd dock there. So, I do use the portable feature, but it's still primarily a TV console system for me.

About 75% in portable mode. The other 25% is when I'm forced to use Nintendo's sorry excuse for a d-pad. Then I play in TV mode with an 8bitdo SN30Pro controller.

I don’t use it that much to begin with, but its been 100% portable for the last year at least. Overal, since the beginning, its probably like 85-90% portable / 10-15% TV, but I picked the 75% option in the poll because I didn’t feel like picking an option that implied I never use it on TV at all.