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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - What's Your % Usage of Switch in Portable/TV Modes?


Amount of time using Switch in TV or Portable mode:

Nearly 100% Portable Mode 10 12.99%
75% Portable Mode, 25% TV Mode 19 24.68%
50% Handheld & TV Mode 13 16.88%
75% TV Mode, 25% Portable Mode 11 14.29%
Nearly 100% TV Mode 24 31.17%

How often would you guys use the Switch in portable and TV mode during the time you've owned a Switch?

For me I tend to use my Switch a more in portable mode since I prefer to play my games on a comfortable bed or couch where I don't need to constantly sit up in front of a TV to play. Plus I sometimes like to play my Switch with my friends so the portability aspect makes it easier for me to play games with my friends anytime anywhere. I would say I use portable mode about 75% of the time and 25% on TV Mode.

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I used to use portable mode more, before my Joy-cons started turning to shit (drifting, and also bad contact when plugged into the console itself). Maybe 20% of the time or so, back then. The most I used it in portable mode was in a family trip a couple years back, we spent a long time on the car and I set up the Switch on the backseat and played Hollow Knight that way. Those two weeks I was basically in portable mode always.

But nowadays, it's probably close to 90% docked, if not more.

50% 50%

But during the lockdown it's something more likr 75% TV

I've become so lazy that I don't like to sit in front of my TV anymore. I feel cramped that way, and so I prefer to lay on the bed and hold the console on my hands.

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Pre-pandemic was 50% handheld for my workplace and 50% TV mode in my game room.

Nowadays is 25% handheld for playing in my living room(or in my bathroom) and 75% TV mode in my game room.


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About 98% of the time in TV mode.


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100% dock

75% portable as I take it to work, 25% docked which is mainly when I play smash.


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Like 99% TV mode.

I only play in handheld mode when I play Animal Crossing.