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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Name ONE unannounced game that would make you instantly preorder a next gen console

PS5: Vagrant Story 2
Xbox Series X: Lost Odyssey 2

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Mega Man 12

Here is my list that if any of them get announced I'd instantly buy a next gen console:
New Fable RPG
Alan Wake 2
Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic 3 (or remake or reboot)
New Ninja Gaiden
Sonic Mania 2
Diddy Kong Racing
Super Mario 64 full remake

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Knack 3!

there are several I can think of, one heavily rumored one being the Demon's Souls reimagining, but sth that has been on my mind since 2005 is:

a Motorstorm adaption/revival that is faithful to it's first trailer - I loved the Motorstorm games, but I feel there is sooo much more potential

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Jpcc86 said:
Suikoden VI


If they have Suikoden VI on launch day, I might just get the system immediately.

Animal Crossing Next!

Ratchet and Clank.

I'm kinda sad that all we got was the reimagining early on in the generation.

Tales of Symphonia Remake (not remaster)

Killzone 2 Remake