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I choose...

N64 56 48.28%
Wii 60 51.72%

Which of these two systems do you think is better, and why?

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This is a no brainer for me, N64.

Super Mario 64 is one of my favourite games of all time and the N64 had some really great games that I loved playing back in the day... maybe not so good now, but hey, the nostalgia is strong!

A few "lesser" games I loved;
- Mischief Makers
- Quest 64 (Shut up, it's good!)
- Mystical Ninja
- Blast Corps
- Body Harvest

... Lesser in the sense that not enough people talk about them, I loved them all! :P

The Wii had an abysmal collection of RPGs. Despite that, it had more than the N64.

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..... man I loved the n64 back when I was a kid.

However today? I dont really want to go back and replay any n64 games.
It hasnt aged well imo.

Meanwhile the Wii has Xenoblades, and the best 3D mario games (mario galaxy games) ever made.

Wii wins this vote.

curl-6 said:

Which of these two systems do you think is better, and why?

Wii... because n64 didnt age well, and Wii's game library is stronger (I think).

For me it's the Wii.

Reasons (in short):
1. The Wii had multiple times more games that I enjoyed than the N64
2. Virtual console on Wii is one of my favourite features ever
3. No droughts on the Wii (for me, I was getting many games per year, while the N64 seemed to be perpetually in drought state
4. The Wii is the first home console since the SNES I was really satisfied with
5. Far better family/friends/multiplayer experience on the Wii

Overall, I was simply happier with gaming during the Wii/DS generation more than any other.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the fresh feeling of the early N64 years, and some of the games were incredibly special to me (Banjo Kazooie, Ocarina of Time, Ogre Battle 64, Goldeneye), but the Wii was overflowing with games I loved, and I found them more creative: Rune Factory Frontier, Little King's Story, Animal Crossing, Xenoblade, Forever Blue/Endless Ocean, Just Dance, Wii Sports, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Epic Yarn, Mario Kart Wii, Super Paper Mario (I'm one of the 11 people who liked this game way better than the other Paper Marios), Muramasa, Smooth Moves, Monster Hunter 3, Resident Evil 4, Scarface, Godfather, I even really liked Wii Fit.

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I think I beat you on the thread depth-o-meter this time, Curl.

Umm, sorry, N64 or Wii? Right. Eh, Nintendo's most overrated consoles in my opinion. Both are the ones that feature bad controllers, which I think is the main reason why, though as poor as the Wiimotes are, they definitely don't deserve to be compared to the alien controller. N64 probably has a larger selection of good games, but I find most of them to be overrated and "only" very good, whereas the Wii doesn't have as many gems, but the ones that it does have are very, very g-SKYWARD SWORD.

So, Wii.

Wii for sure. Super Mario Galaxy series, and Xenoblade are better than Ocarina of Time, and Mario 64.

N64 hasn't aged well at all, not even in the gameplay department. Super Mario 64 starts off slow, compared to modern platformers. It doesn't really get challenging until after you open the 50 star door. Up until that point it's all just a tutorial. Collectathon platformers haven't aged all that well. Then we have Goldeneye, Turok, and Perfect Dark. These games are all ancient even by GameCube standards.

Honestly, the only N64 games that I think stand the test of time are Paper Mario, Starfox, both Zeldas, RE2, and maybe Banjo Kazooie. But you can play Starfox and Zelda on the 3DS. So I don't even have an N64 anymore.

Awesome system for its time, but history has left it in the dust.

N64 because I have more memories than the wii with it. The only game on Wii I bothered with was Skyward Sword, at least during its actual respective generation.

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Wii, loved every Mario, Zelda, Mario Kart, etc. on Wii over the 64 versions. It also has Xenoblade Chronicles...N64 had freaking Quest 64. Wii wasn't the best console for software in Nintendo's history but hell, it beat the stuffing out of the 64.


I didn't like the Wii. Hated the console and there weren't even that many great games. Mario Kart and Pokepark and that's about it. N64 on the other hand also had Mario Kart, but also a couple of the best shooters ever in GoldenEye and Perfect Dark, Super Mario 64 & Pokemon Stadium 1/2 among others. Lots of good games there!