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    PwerlvlAmy Earth Defense Force Iron Rain review up. Next up on the review list is Aggelos on Nintendo Switch.
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    Most Anticipated E3 2019 Conference/Event

    in General Discussion on 26 May 2019

    I'm gonna have to go with Microsoft on this one. We pretty much already know what were getting from Nintendo, no big surprises there. Microsoft on the other hand has the most to prove out of everyone at E3 this year. With the Xbox brand on a low with Xbox One, they gotta prove to the consumer to buy into their next generation outing and I think they're going to either have to show or tease what...

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    Can Avengers: Endgame take the #1 spot beating Avatar? ...It just did !!!!

    in Movies Discussion on 26 May 2019

    Ya its definitely not beating it. Its gonna join TFA though for titles domestically getting over 800m though. ...

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    Will PS5 ever catch up to the Switch in lifetime sales?

    in Gaming Discussion on 17 May 2019

    I'll go out on a limb and say it will. With how popular PS4 is and with Switch not being able to get third parties(that xb2/ps5) will, switch sales will prob stagnate. So I feel PS5 if going off PS4 success,will catch up quicker than anticipated ...

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    Hideki Kamiya says that Bayonetta 3 news is to come next week

    in Nintendo Discussion on 15 May 2019

    ''The team is hard at work on this title, so please give us a little bit more time. We look forward to sharing more information on this anticipated title very soon'' -bows- ...

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    Former The Last of Us Part II and Motive Studios Game Designer Joins Microsoft’s The Initiative

    in Microsoft Discussion on 11 May 2019

    Good stuff. Looking forward to what this brings to fruition. ...

    Write 134

    Wii or N64?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 04 May 2019

    I think N64 is better due to the amount of memories I have on it and I enjoyed more games on N64 than I did on Wii. Mario 64 Ocarina Of Time Pilot Wings GoldenEye WCW NWO Revenge WWF No Mercy StarFox 64 Diddy Kong Racing Shadows Of The Empire Pokemon Snap Pokemon Stadium series Mario Kart 64 Yoshi Story Mario Party Wave Race list goes on and on Sure Wii had some great...

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    Which will release first, Metroid Prime 4 or Final Fantasy VII Remake (full game)?

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 April 2019

    With the way Square is. Prime 4 ...

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    Global Hardware 6 April 2019

    in Sales Discussion on 22 April 2019

    Switch takes commanding leads in NA/Japan, but still lose EU, not sure why I find that funny. Sony is unstoppable no matter what in EU. ...

    Write 37

    PS5 Price Point

    in Sony Discussion on 22 April 2019

    I'd go $500 if launch titles are right, id still prefer $400 tho as $500 with tax and one game is still around the $600 range ...

    Write 63

    What Nintendo systems has Switch already surpassed for you?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 22 April 2019

    for handhelds, all of them, im not a big handheld person so i look down on 3DS/DS, Gameboy I was never into much either besides Tetris,Zelda,Mario,Pokemon. For consoles It passes Gamecube, Wii U and judging by the 2019 upcoming games, it will prob boost pass my time with Wii as well. I dont know if it will pass NES or SNES for me as those hold nostalgia for me due to how many games that...

    Write 27

    Capcom teasing "RESIDENT EVIL 3"

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 April 2019

    melbye said: A little early isn't, unless they are actually further along than we ever expected Its outsourced to another studio. Capcom themselves aren't directly working on it like they did with RE 2....

    Write 23

    CAPCOM announces their plug n play thingy: Alien Vs Predator, Cyberbots, and multiple versions of Street Fighter 2 included.

    in Gaming Discussion on 16 April 2019

    I don't see how this is a good deal at all...

    Write 344

    PS5 Confirmed Backward Compatibility

    in Sony Discussion on 16 April 2019

    Hell ya. That allows me to move PS4 aside and use PS5 for my ps4 needs for back log and other stuff I need to catch up on. Can just do my ps4/ps5 gaming on one machine. That's awesome. Sign me up...

    Write 50

    Global Hardware 30 March 2019

    in Sales Discussion on 15 April 2019

    TheBlackNaruto said: Shiken said: By that logic, the PS4 is a failure for not even coming close to what the PS2 did.  I find it funny that for every person who gets overly excited for Switch, there is another person who trys to downplay. I have said it once, I will say it again for those who still don't get it.  Both are doing great, get over it. While I agree...

    Write 50

    Global Hardware 30 March 2019

    in Sales Discussion on 14 April 2019

    closer week for Switch in EU, usually its a double digit lead for Sony,interesting. Switch holds NA/Japan still by a decent margin this week. Nintendo and Sony still killin it...

    Write 273

    List of Games You've Beaten 2019

    in Gaming Discussion on 14 April 2019

    PwerlvlAmy said: PwerlvlAmy said: 2019:Jump ForceResident Evil 2DrowningEarth Defense Force 5Book Of Unwritten Tales 2 Uruly Heroes DMC V One Piece World Seeker Yoshis Crafted WorldGhost Giant Updated my list to add Yoshi to the beaten list Updating having beat Ghost Giant ...

    Write 40

    Star Wars Jedi Fallen Order — Official Story Reveal Trailer

    in Gaming Discussion on 13 April 2019

    I need game play before I get excited ...

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    "Star Wars Episode IX: The Rise of Skywalker" Trailer

    in Movies Discussion on 12 April 2019

    Hated it at the first 20 seconds with the Rey flip. I just want the trilogy to be put out of its misery. Only thing that has me interested is to see how they're going to randomly shoe horn in Palpatine out of nowhere. Movie production and CGI wise looks pretty beautiful, but the story being told the last two movies has been a completely jumbled mess of a story that I don't know how they're going...

    Write 4797

    The US Politics |OT|

    in Politics Discussion on 11 April 2019

    Barr going to be investigating the spying against the trump team,mueller report coming within the next week or so, followed by the IG report. Politics about to get super heated heading into the next election. Going to be interesting to see when the Democrats start going to blows with each other to really kick start each of their campaigns, there's a lot of them and someone has to go. Debates...

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