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I choose...

N64 56 48.28%
Wii 60 51.72%

I think N64 is better due to the amount of memories I have on it and I enjoyed more games on N64 than I did on Wii.

Mario 64
Ocarina Of Time
Pilot Wings
WCW NWO Revenge
WWF No Mercy
StarFox 64
Diddy Kong Racing
Shadows Of The Empire
Pokemon Snap
Pokemon Stadium series
Mario Kart 64
Yoshi Story
Mario Party
Wave Race

list goes on and on

Sure Wii had some great games, but as a whole, i didnt enjoy them like i did games on the N64.

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Perfect Dark, Golden Eye, Lylat Wars, Ocarina of time, Turok... No brainer. Ultra 64 is the definitive winner for me.

The Wii's control system and limited visuals for it's generation pretty much ruined the console for me.

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I don't even think any of the N64 games are in my Top 50 games of all time. Wii, on the other hand, has about 12. So easily the Wii. The only thing for me that the N64 did better was 3D platformers and Shooters.

The N64 is honestly my least favourite Nintendo console with the Gamecube.

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Golden Eye and OoT were huge for me. That system really got me hooked into gaming and made me more than just a typical casual. Wii was too late for me in terms of it's motion tech. If I was younger when it launched I may have been more hyped about it, but the lack of performance in comparison to the competition was the nail in the coffin for me by then.

Pemalite said:

Lylat Wars

Is this some kind of RTS game set in the Star Fox universe?

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Wii, not even a contest. N64 is at the very bottom of my console preferences

N64 by far

Wii and it's not even close. Galaxy, Pikmin releases (the new play control versions are incredible), a decent RPG selection (no matter Xenoblade not being to my tastes), a big library with many good games.

N64 is the worst console Nintendo have ever put out. Nothing outside of 3D platformers, Snap and OOT - and none of its games have aged well at all (except Paper Mario and Pokemon Snap), they're pretty much all borderline unplayable today.

Wii is my favorite console of all time. Any console would lose when put next to it. But with the comparisons:

Mario 64 vs the Galaxy games: No contest the Galaxy games. Mario 64 is still good, but Galaxy 1 and 2 are the best Mario games ever.

Ocarina and Majora vs Twilight Princess and Skyward Sword. I first played Ocarina and Twilight Princess at the same time, and Twilight Princess was much better in every way. And Skyward Sword is my favorite videogame of all time.

Smash 64 vs Brawl. Yeah, 1 has little content and the other is overflowing with content. Not even fair.

DK64 vs Donkey Kong Country Returns. Retro beats Rare here.

Paper Mario vs Super Paper Mario and 3 Mario parties each. Really the only matchups where the N64 version wins.

Shooters: Pointer controls vs single-analog stick controls. No contest the best Wii shooters beat the best N64 shooters.

N64 had Star Fox, F-Zero, Banjo, Conker. Wii had Metroid, Wii Sports, Exite, Xenoblade, Epic Mickey, Sonic Colors. Definitely prefer the Wii offerings.

Jumpin said:

For me it's the Wii.

Reasons (in short):
1. The Wii had multiple times more games that I enjoyed than the N64
2. Virtual console on Wii is one of my favourite features ever
3. No droughts on the Wii (for me, I was getting many games per year, while the N64 seemed to be perpetually in drought state
4. The Wii is the first home console since the SNES I was really satisfied with
5. Far better family/friends/multiplayer experience on the Wii

Overall, I was simply happier with gaming during the Wii/DS generation more than any other.

Don't get me wrong, I really enjoyed the fresh feeling of the early N64 years, and some of the games were incredibly special to me (Banjo Kazooie, Ocarina of Time, Ogre Battle 64, Goldeneye), but the Wii was overflowing with games I loved, and I found them more creative: Rune Factory Frontier, Little King's Story, Animal Crossing, Xenoblade, Forever Blue/Endless Ocean, Just Dance, Wii Sports, Super Mario Galaxy 1 and 2, Epic Yarn, Mario Kart Wii, Super Paper Mario (I'm one of the 11 people who liked this game way better than the other Paper Marios), Muramasa, Smooth Moves, Monster Hunter 3, Resident Evil 4, Scarface, Godfather, I even really liked Wii Fit.

How could I have forgotten Little King's Story, I loved that game. Another point in the Wii's favour. I hope they bring it or its Vita sequel to Switch

I think TTYD was better, but Super Paper Mario was excellent. I know it's not the turn-based RPG people wanted, but it's writing was impeccable and the gameplay was great, the 3D gimmick was actually really good. Easily my second favourite in the series.