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Wii for sure. Super Mario Galaxy series, and Xenoblade are better than Ocarina of Time, and Mario 64.

N64 hasn't aged well at all, not even in the gameplay department. Super Mario 64 starts off slow, compared to modern platformers. It doesn't really get challenging until after you open the 50 star door. Up until that point it's all just a tutorial. Collectathon platformers haven't aged all that well. Then we have Goldeneye, Turok, and Perfect Dark. These games are all ancient even by GameCube standards.

Honestly, the only N64 games that I think stand the test of time are Paper Mario, Starfox, both Zeldas, RE2, and maybe Banjo Kazooie. But you can play Starfox and Zelda on the 3DS. So I don't even have an N64 anymore.

Awesome system for its time, but history has left it in the dust.