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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What type of videos games do you not like?

Modern JRPG's. (I like some of the older turn based ones.)
Ubisoft games.

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I like just about everything except for sports and games with permadeath. I don't actually play horror games, because I'm a chicken, but I watch let's plays for most of the bigger horror games that release at least. I'm also very picky about platformers, I only like a few like Sonic and Ori.

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Shooters, horror

Generally, multiplayer-only, GAAS games are unappealing to me. Although, I got Killing Floor 2 free on Plus, and didn't mind it when I gave it a spin for a couple hours. It seems to fit into the GAAS model. The fact it came with a subscription and has a heavy focus on co-op helps, I guess.

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Dicision making choices movie games like walking dead and sports

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Any game with a small budget

- Sports games.
- "Simulation-style" racing games.
- FPS.
- MOBA games.
- Most AAA games, really.

I'm really picky with what I play tbh. And of course, open-world games. I won't touch those with a ten-foot pole. BotW was my first and last, this kind of game is too much of a chore to me.

I don't like MOBAs and most real-time strategy games. Also sports games.

Sports games by far. If I wanted to play sports I would just go out an physically do so. Not so easy to do for first person shooters and space/fantasy games.

I don't like platformers (probably because I suck at them), although Rayman Legends somehow clicks with me. I despise walking simulators, or more in general: games that take away control from the player (you can walk to the next event, or click though the dialogue, or maybe if we generous you can have a quicktime-event that decides if you fail the game or our cutscene continues). I hate if something which could've been a great turn-based RPG is ruined by making the fights real time (Ni No Kuni, why?).

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