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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What type of videos games do you not like?

Most arcade fighting games. There's some exceptions out there, but I just don't find it very fun to memorize combos, or stand still and watch characters use lame cut scenes that were just triggered from said combinations.

Visual novels are another game I could never get into. There's something about them that keeps me from ever getting as immersed an actual novel, and any gameplay involved just feels either extremely shallow, or detracts from the same immersion.

Sports games don't really appeal to me, but I don't necessarily have an issue with them.

That's all I can of. I used to dislike rhythm games, but I've started to take a liking to them again. Maybe I'll say the same about the above genres someday.

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- JRPGs (except for Pokemon)
- Pixel art games
- Adventure 'games'
- Sports games
- Casual shovelware
- Most puzzle games

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- The standardized FPS model of games we got. (Some exception like Doom for exemple)

- Almost any Simulation game.

- Cinematic/Interactive "games" that doesn't have much of a grip on what interesting gameplay is. (They're just better experienced when watched, like their movie counterpart).

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I generally dislike online shooters and sports games.

Point and click

Also, not a fan of 2D platforming.

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First person shooters and platformers.

Sports and racing simulations (arcade are fine, though, but other than Mario Kart, there's not much left there), 3D platformers, modern military shooters (any shooters with autoheal and limited loadout and hero shooter to be precise) and most modern action-adventures (sorry Lara, Drake and Ezio, to name just a few). Edit: Forgot MOBAs, overly "cinematic" games that lack good gameplay and GTA-like games. Oh, and any game with lootbox mechanics, I'm a player and that's my final choice, and it fills me with pride and confidence not to support these exploitative tactics.

As you can see, that little list includes about 95% of what comes out from the big western publishers or first party titles on PS4 and XBO, hence why I play mostly retro, indie and Nintendo games, in that order

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JRPGS and Cinematic QTE styled games with a couple games as exceptions. Are probably my least favourite, than you have Sport games which are probably my worst.

QTE Cinematic Games look amazing but I much prefer games where you have to think and require lots of skill to play, giving everyone different experiences rather than just the same experience as everyone else.

JRPGs Games are cool, I just have no idea what the hell is going on in those games. It took me years to work out what actually happened in FF7 and even today I am still trying to work it out. Plus too many JRPGs are all the same these days.

Sport Games just bore me. I would rather play the sport or watch it on TV rather than play the games.

Simulation Racers
MMO’s (or, anything that mainly an online game actually, I don’t even know what all those genres are called today, MOBA, GAAS, whatever)
Visual Novels
Party games

Though everyone of those beside MMO has had it’s exceptions. Obviously there’s also some genres I’m more indifferent to, but I don’t really dislike those.

Also EA. Though that’s not a genre, I don’t like anything that bears the name of EA by default, because it bears the name of EA.

There is no type that I dislike. But, I don't really play sports, sims, fighting games, or jrpgs. There are occasional exceptions though