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Forums - Gaming Discussion - What type of videos games do you not like?

Wow more people dislike fighting games on here than I would have though. I don't like sports games or the standard FPS.Games that look too realistic also turns me away.

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Horse racing simulators, Golf games.

The game of life

This is a unique thread. Anyway.

-Traditional Fighting games (Street Fighter and Mortal Kombat). I feel like these games are too hardcore for me. The idea of memorizing a bunch of combos and the idea of "maining" people was always against what I want in a game

-Telltale-like games. Not a fan of these. I prefer games that act like arcade games. This is the opposite of what I want in a game. Feels more like playing a movie than a game. This is the type of game where watching a let's play on Youtube would keep me satisfied about playing the game.

-Realistic Sports Games- Yeah most people here share this opinion. I am no different. I prefer watching the sport by that point. I can play Punch Out many times but I will struggle to enjoy Madden or FIFA.

-Cinematic games. Screw these games. I rather watch a movie that is much more entertaining than this. The only place I will tolerate this is in JRPGs and that's only because RPGs are made for these kinds of games.

Beat em ups - I will never understand the appeal of these games. This is a big reason why I could never get into Bayonetta.

That's all I can think of at the moment.

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I can enjoy almost any type of game. There are just two that I have a hard time getting behind...

Driving Simulators
Walking Simulators

Other than that, I am down for whatever so long as it stands out to me.

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Sports games, visual novels, shooters called Call of Duty and any game made by EA.

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Third person shooters , or third person action adventure.

alejollorente10 said:

Sports games, visual novels, shooters called Call of Duty and any game made by EA.

Uhg. Forgot. Yes. This. Anything EA. Activision too. And Gearbox. They're off the team! For good! And no game developed by Bethesda. Published is ok though. Done. Phew.

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Not a real fan of sports games anymore and i do not like realistic racers at all.

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MOBAs, sports games, fighting games, battle royale games, Walking dead-style games, GTA-like games, horror.

Edit: rhythm games too.

Edit2: omg how could I forget about MMOs.

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