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Sports and racing simulations (arcade are fine, though, but other than Mario Kart, there's not much left there), 3D platformers, modern military shooters (any shooters with autoheal and limited loadout and hero shooter to be precise) and most modern action-adventures (sorry Lara, Drake and Ezio, to name just a few). Edit: Forgot MOBAs, overly "cinematic" games that lack good gameplay and GTA-like games. Oh, and any game with lootbox mechanics, I'm a player and that's my final choice, and it fills me with pride and confidence not to support these exploitative tactics.

As you can see, that little list includes about 95% of what comes out from the big western publishers or first party titles on PS4 and XBO, hence why I play mostly retro, indie and Nintendo games, in that order

Last edited by Bofferbrauer2 - on 30 September 2018