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- Platformer "games". The single most boring type of game to me. It's a dated mechanic that I've played so much of on the early systems that I never want to see it again. There is zero immersion for me when the main thing your character is doing is jumping--again, and again, and again. It's so static, like an obstacle course. Related to that, I think one of the worst game designs in the industry is the "fall to the bottom and have to do all the jumping over again." That's usually the point where I say, "nah, I think I'll go watch paint dry instead."

- Games that are based around the concept of levels or zones. This is another immersion crusher for me. When I play a game, I want to have the ultimate goal in mind. Games that are all about reaching the end of a "level" so you can start another "level" feel so meaningless and lack cohesion.

- Games where you're playing as some kind of soulless caricature or shallow mascot. If I don't care about the character then I probably won't care about the game. I'd rather play a game with no main character where I can make up my own rather than play a goofy character I can't identify with.

- "Action" RPGs where you have a party you don't control. If I'm going to play a solo game then I want it to be solo. If I'm going to play a party game then I want to play all my characters.