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Do you workout ?

Yes, almost every day 21 30.00%
Yes, quite often 22 31.43%
Barely 14 20.00%
No, don't want to 11 15.71%
No, can't afford it 2 2.86%
StreaK said:
Jumpin said:

I'm 39.

Dude, there is just NO excuse, sorry Svenno....

Yeah, I'm also gonna be 38 and in better shape than I was at 25. Age truly is, just a number.

There are 72 year olds that physically can out perform me.

It's no excuse, my problem is I usually push myself too hard. I still go jogging every other day despite my left knee being injured. I just got back from being out for a couple hours. Half of it walking because of my knee, otherwise it's a 90 minute loop.

Same with weight lifting. I had to scale back after being down for months with excruciating nerve pain. Twice from a dislocated rib, and last time from my sciatic nerve getting pinched by a herniated disc which now over a year later still causes (minor) pain and occasional night cramps down my right leg. I never got the feeling back in the tip of my left index finger after dislocating a rib pinching the nerves, from lifting weights behind my head.

My days of lifting 120 pounds over my head are over, not worth the risk anymore. Healing slows down with age, injuries happen more easily. I am 46 now, I think my body peaked around 43. I will still do up to 125 km bicycle rides in Summer, just have to build up to it again. I'll get my 4 to 5k km in as usual, maybe a bit less fast as the last couple years I've started noticing that I'm slowly falling behind my usual times for my regular routes. Also with cycling it's my knees that give out first, much less so than with jogging though. With jogging it's the ACL band, cycling has different wear and tear.

Be careful, it's a great feeling being fit and that endorphin high after a good workout or long ride. However it sucks pulling something and not being able to do anything for a month. No pain no gain, nonsense. If pain, stop, apply ice straight away.

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Light moderate exercise is better than out working too hard. There is no need to work out too hard or get injured. As soon as you get injured your motivation is gone and it is hard to get going again. It is far easier to eat healthy than it is to work out hard. 

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zorg1000 said:
Lonely_Dolphin said:
Even if I physically could, I wouldn't. Boring and serves no purpose to me.

What do you mean if you physically could?

Just saw this thread was necrobumped and I'd been quoted. Latest reply ever!

Anyway, arthritis is a motherfucker. I've already lost some mobility in my arms. I guess I could technically still do some things if I cared too, but I don't lul.

Yes, I'm almost 37 and fitter than when I was 20.

I started running 6 years ago, I am now doing around 80km-90km per week, I also skip rope every day, 60 sit ups, 30 push ups. 

Last year I did less running because I had a gymn membership so I was doing stuff at the gymn, I don't like it to be honest, I stuck to it because it was already paid for a year, its nowhere as fun as running outside.

I was also doing swimming, it was incredible how the body adjusts, I started with 400 meters, and was tired, I ended up doing 4000-5000 meters within 6 months of training. I stopped because I didn't want to pay for a year membership as I don't know if Ill stay in the UK another full year. And a monthly payment is double the price so I don't think its worth it.

In my case I need to run, I have no choice, as that's the only thing that keeps my depression away with no medication or anything else. Its the only thing that actually works. Even just 30min running in the fresh air is enough, specially if its a sunny day. Its a shame that doctors don't tell you this, they just want to sell you medicine.

I just bought my most expensive shoes last week, Asics Gel-nimbus 21, and I'm even more excited for my runs now.

If I had to quit running or gaming, I would chose to quit gaming, so exercise is really that important specially at my age. And lets be honest gaming is not that exciting anymore, even red dead 2 got me bored and I haven't picked it up in a couple weeks, I haven't even finished gta5 yet because I got bored, and worst was witcher 3, so boring I have restarted that twice and I always get bored on the part where you looking for dandelion, these games need to let me explore and not have an arrow pointing to everywhere I need to go, it took out the fun of gaming. maybe that's why I love running, because it brought back the challenge that I used to have with older video games.

Not as much as I would like. Hard to find time with work and family.

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Recently I have been playing Ring Fit, I find it to be fun, short and effective. It is hard for me to be motivated about working out and this game has done a great job at that. It reminds me of Wii Fit, another game I played a lot. It also keeps throwing new content at me, new excercices and challenges, so it is a lot of fun.

I believe that if I play about 15 minutes everyday, it won't make me super fit, but it will help my body be in a healthier state. Maybe after some time of this I can start taking other activities. I really enjoy playing many sports, but it is not as quick as Ring Fit.

I started yesterday, does that count?

Dulfite said:

I started yesterday, does that count?

I absolutely think it counts, starting is one of the most important steps. congratulations @Dulfite 

dmillos said:
Dulfite said:

I started yesterday, does that count?

I absolutely think it counts, starting is one of the most important steps. congratulations @Dulfite 

I've definitely had an ups/downs relationship with working out. I used to run cross Country. Then I got an ankle injury around 9 years ago and basically ruined my running career for years. Slowly gained weight through college and that continued once I started my extremely stressful special education teaching job. I tried to get back into workouts and diets. I had a fitbit years ago that I was obsessed with. An average day was at least 20k steps, good days were 25k steps, my record was 35k in one day. Then I lost the silly thing and lost motivation as Google Fit didn't have the same motivation for me. Then I shifted to dietary supplements and had massive success. At one point I lost about 30 lbs a few years ago, maybe closer to 35, then I gained it all back in basically a year due to stress eating (which offset the supplements). I'm now around 8lbs down from January. Ups and downs...

Yes. Since around 2010, but I'm a habitual couch potato so worked out with very mild enthusiasm / effort.

2018 I started taking it more serious as I wanted to lose weight, injured myself then took 3 months off and got back into it in around April 19.

Took a two month break in January this year because I got a new job and had to adjust to the longer commute time.

Lockdown gave me an opportunity to get back into weightlifting 4 days a week doing Push/Pull which is my preferred routine. But got bored of it around September. October I got very ill and now slowly starting to get back into it.

I have a PT now who follows more of a crossfit / bodyweight routine and will try that for a while as apposed to weightlifting.