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Forums - Sports Discussion - Do you workout ?


Do you workout ?

Yes, almost every day 24 28.57%
Yes, quite often 29 34.52%
Barely 17 20.24%
No, don't want to 11 13.10%
No, can't afford it 3 3.57%
SKMBlake said:
TheTitaniumNub said:

I consider going to work a workout, so yeah, I workout.

It's not tho

Depends on the job. If he's like a lumberjack or something then maybe.

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Many jobs will keep you fit. Only desk and retail workers need to workout ;)

It's warm again, good time to do errands by bicycle. Today I picked up Zelda and TotK controller in the next town over (no game store in my town). Then a lovely detour back along the river. When I go jogging on the trails I take a bag along to pick up the crap people can't keep in their hands. Over the past 2 weeks I've carried out over 100 pounds of empty beer cans, bottles, plastic water bottles and other crap. No need to carry weights, might as well do something useful. The trails I jog on look a lot better now :) Spring always reveals all the mess people leave behind as well as stuff washed up from flooding.