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atomicfear said:

you are an excellent citizen. 

Lol thanks. Spring is coming again. We have a mild spell currently, the ground is bare, accumulated trash is starting to show again...

Last week I found a dead red fox on the side of a quad bike trail. Beautiful animal, looks like a young one too. No natural causes, looks like he/she had been trapped (just some blood around the neck and mouth, probably from trying to chew his/her way out) with an empty blood soaked card board box laying next to it. Label that could identify where the box came from cut out, only the edges showing. It looks like it fell off the back of a quad bike. The tail was cut off as well, laying next to the fox. It seems animals have more respect for foxes as he/she was still untouched a couple days later, preserved by the frost.

Tomorrow it's going to be +12c, in the middle of Canadian winter, wtf. The east coast got buried under snow

We've only had a little bit, barely enough to go downhill sledding. At least I can continue jogging regularly. Great way to get rid of stress. Leave all knotted up inside, 80-90 minutes later back to zen. I did have a nasty fall 2 months ago, slippery mud on top of frozen ground took me out, fell wrong, bend my fingers backward and now my right middle and ring finger are messed up bad. It didn't heal right and I can't fully straighten them anymore. My ring finger is more of a hook now... Unfortunately I have no trust in our medical system to let them touch it, but might have to go in if it doesn't heal any further in warmer weather.