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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Switch vs Wii - Who will sell more LT?

What is the entirety of your assumptions? The Switch seems to have better legs? The PS4 will sell 130 million? I think you should add another to the list, just because.

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StarDoor said:
Soundwave said:

Well you're mistaken in that case then. 

PS4 is selling on par with the PS2, which destroyed the Wii and eclipsed even the DS also in sales, and has been selling on par for 4 years now. 

That just goes to show, don't get blinded by razzle/dazzle hype. Slow and steady can win the race too. The Wii is not even one of the 3 best selling platforms in gaming. Lets remember that. 

And I'm sure yes, men aren't the only ones buy PS4s, but they certainly are the driving force. Just as we've seen on Switch thus far. It's not women that are buying it for 1,2 Switch and Just Dance driving hardware adoption at all, Switch is very different from the Wii, maybe we ought to embrace that. 

Switch honestly may have a shot to do things the Wii could not come close to doing, like establishing a decent bedrock for good sales for more traditional gaming genres. Wii's success didn't mean a whole lot in terms of library support, since all developers saw was Wii Sports/Fit driving system sales and then all we got out of it were shitty mini-game collections for support or stupid motion-gimmick spin-offs (ie: Soul Calibur Legends, RE light gun shooters, etc.) and fitness games for fat people (whoopity doo). 

Maybe Switch can do better. 

The PS2 sold over 40 million units after the PS3 came out. There's literally no way that the PS4 is going to match that, especially since it's already hit its peak.

it can drop in price drastically.  Under $200 this holiday, under $150 next, $99 by the time PS5 comes out

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specialk said:
iNathan said:

Wii died off pretty quickly after the first insane years


The Wii was the best selling console for the first four years of it's life. 

For context, year 5 was better than any year XBone has had to date. Year 6 beat any year the Wii U had. (not hard obviously) 

I feel like the Wii has a reputation for being a flash in the pan, but 20 million people came back for Wii Fit Plus. 30 million came back for Wii Sports Resort.

It had a longer life than people seem to remember. 

The statistics that gets me the most: for years after WiiU was already out Just Dance performed best on the Wii. The Wii that was supposedly be covered in dust. Nintendo made IMHO a big mistake for early pulling the support on the Wii.

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they need more advertising if they want Wii-levels of success. yes, the marketing is substantially better than the Wii U but only the hardcore and mmid-tier gamers really know it exists. there is still the casual market which takes up a good 50% of all gamers (aka the guys who only buy new consoles for sports games and CoD). if Nintendo could reach those guys, it would sell even faster than it is now

At the moment I think the Switch might perform below the Wii. It has gotten a restricted customerbase so far, but one that is willign to pay for games, which might be good.

If Nintendo is able to widen the customerbase over the years it might be possible the Switch beats the Wii. Depends on a lot though.

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I don't think the Switch will outsell the Wii. Sure, it's sold out now. But it's still super early and I don't think you're seeing the level of pandemonium around the Switch that you saw around the Wii.

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I doubt it. The Wii was a cultural phenomenon and even the dominant PS4 is having to put in work to top that number. Initial reception does appear better than expected, though. I could see 80M if they maintain good support through its life (up from my original 50-60M).

Robert_Downey_Jr. said:
Obviously the Wii. Switch just doesn't have staying power. I just don't see the mainstream buzz like with Wii.

Console is selling out quickly.

If they drop 3DS and give Switch full support, I could see it happening with the right business decisions.

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The Switch outselling the Wii, Is this a joke?