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Soundwave said:
Louie said:

Er, no, I'm not mistaken. Slow and steady is cool but it's not the same as selling 30m units in a year. We're just talking about two different things (LTD sales vs. yearly sales). :P Or put another way: What's so bad about catering to men and women? 

(Will go to bed now and answer tomorrow if you quote me. My girlfriend is getting angry at me for staring at my notebook haha.)

I've answered why in other threads, so I'm not going to go deep into it, but fundamentally I think a lot of people here don't understand the female demographics nor do they understand the impact of the smartphone on said demographic. And they also think smartphones are just some minor blip on the radar. 

But I will say this -- even Mr. Miyamoto has said he cannot get his wife to play Nintendo console games, he brings them home, but she doesn't play them. But she will play smartphone games. 

Even Mr. Miyamoto can't even win this arguement, good luck to the rest of you. Too many people are very naive on this board about smartphone's impact on the gaming sector, they don't understand how much has changed. Hell, smartphones will soon be a bigger industry than console gaming, but's not not neccessarily console gaming shrinking, it's simply a huge other industry that's been created on top of consoles. But take a wild guess which demographics that industry is taking from, because it's not dogs & cats. And people are still buying PS4s/XBoxes/Switches (mainly men), so it's not from that audience. So who could be left? Well if you actually do research on who plays smartphone games, it's actually majority female to boot, they are more than half the smartphone gaming audience. That's incredible. 

The creator of the Professor Layton series said the same thing. Women are simply more attracted to different things- that's what the demographics show. They made the game to attract women, which would bring in casuals too. Very interesting stuff honestly