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Forums - Gaming Discussion - Switch vs Wii - Who will sell more LT?

Nintendo is predicting that Switch might outsell Wii LT, Wii died off pretty quickly after the first insane years, Switch seems likes it will have better legs, like PlayStation Consoles usually have (See Ps2, Ps1, Ps3 and now even Ps4). 

So the question is, can Switch outsell Wii and do close numbers to Ps4 which will probably end at 130m ?

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Wii U will come to life again and will sell over 200 million.

I'm not sure. If they release console and handheld versions along with the Hybrid version, then they definitely can do it. If not, I predict that it'll be at about 80 million.


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If Nintendo doesn't release another handheld then this one will get adopted by a ton of people eventually I'm sure.
100M is still higher than I think it will do but I can never count them out. I'll say 70-80M LT.

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Wii will win imo

Yes, I think it can outsell Wii if they make the right choices- they need to keep a great flow of 1st party software, and hopefully the third party pipeline will increase. I guess pricing could eventually kill the legs for Switch too, but that's not hard to change.

Wii, IMO, could have sold another 20 million but Nintendo's software strategy started going down the toilet in the last years with fewer and fewer games and a big focus on GameCube-like software. Wii is also a bit different because it had an amazing concept that was quickly encapsulated in Wii Sports.

I think Switch has an amazing concept too (2 player games anywhere, anytime), but maybe it's not as "obvious" as Wii. Then again - maybe it is, look at the sales!

I think a better comparison than Wii would be DS, which I think hit about 120? Switch, for all the talk, is actually a handheld console, and as such it can eventually sell like one. Switch is actually off to a better start than DS or 3DS from a software perspective (and I think from a sales perspective too - haven't seen a DS and Switch launch-aligned chart).

Many folks will declare that mobile kills the handheld sales potential for Switch. I disagree, for the simple fact that I can't play Zelda or Mario Kart or Skyrim on a smart phone or a tablet.

If they play their cards right from this point forward, it can definitely oursell the Wii. The Switch is off to a fantastic start, they just need to kepe up the momentum. The marketing has been great so far, keep up the good work, keep the major 1st party titles coming, then as sales continue to climb and grow, more and more 3rd parties will jump on board and provide support.
I'll say right now, I don't think the Switch will reach the heights the Wii did during it's peak in 2008-2009, but I think it will have stronger legs and a longer life cycle. After 2010, the Wii dropped like a rock and died very quickly, don't thjnk the Switch will go away that quick.

The wii.

You are bound to love Earthbound.

The Switch definitely can outsell the Wii, but I don't see it right now. With Nintendo just forecasting 10 million this FY, I don't think they see it either. They will raise that forecast next quarter.
Anyway, my earliest prediction has it at 65m-75m. I will raise that to 80m-90m. I'll probably solidly believe the Switch can outsell the Wii after E3.

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