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FunFan said:
Higher truth does not exist.

PC offers the top level of performance and customization.
Xbox offers a PC-like experience in simpler console form.
Switch offers the convenience of a hybrid system and the superior handheld experience.

Sony? They are just redundant. Have great hype-based marketing, though.

You know Xbox and Sony are interchangeable in your post, though the latter furthers your point so you chose them as the redundant party.

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Why on Earth, the most successful videogame company on Earth would go 3rd party???

...Let the Sony Domination continue with the PS4...
fluky-nintendy said:
Why on Earth, the most successful videogame company on Earth would go 3rd party???

Well said. Still, we've been getting a thread about Nintendo going third party on an almost monthly basis for many years despite how nonsensical it is.

This is off-topic though. This thread is about Sony.

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Pavolink said:
estebxx said:

1) Read again Bro

2) I have a PC and i dont use it much because i like consoles more, if i have a console alternative to play those games i WILL use it everytime.

3) PC doesnt have Persona 5 :D

You just need to buy a controller and (dunno if it's possible) to connect a PC to a tv. It is like a console now.


Also, Atlus would have released Persona 5 on the PC. It's not like they made the game because a ps console. They make it for the money, regardless of the platform.

If you think its just because of the controller you couldnt be more wrong (as if that was the only difference between a console and a PC...), you cant beat the ease of use of a console with a PC... all i need to start my game is literally press the PS button on my controller i dont even need to turn on my TV because the PS4 turns it on by itself and the game launches automatically.

I just dont like gaming on PCs and the experience is just not the same, sometimes my controller just wont work again and i have to do all that setup of fixing its inputs all over again (that can take me easily over 15 minutes and even though i dont use my PC very much ive had to do that various times already), sometimes i have to download a .DLL file from some weird website just to get my game working, i also like trophies and have collected a good ammount of them so im not abandoning my account, plus i do prefer physical games mind you.

Also i dont have my PC connected all the time to my TV (its right next to it), i have it connected to my monitor because i like using it like a regular PC for most stuff, and everytime i wanna game on it i have to do all the setup all over again to get it working on my TV, and even thought thats not the most complicated thing ever, its something i dont have to do with consoles, because consoles have only one use (play games) i dont use them for any other stuff, unlike my PC which i use for many things, and for many of them i dont want it connected to my TV since i rather use my monitor.

Also there is this thing called exclusives that PC dont have, and so far my 3 favorites this gen have not and will not be released on PC (Bloodborne, HZD and Uncharted 4), you see those things are another BIG reason why i dont play on PC and why i prefer PS.

EDIT: Also im gonna add P5 to that list at the end, i dont care if Atlus has or not the ability to put the game on PC, the fact is that right now thats an exclusive to PS4, and even though i havent played it yet knowing my tastes in games im most surely gonna love it.

EDIT2: Add Nioh, Until Dawn and Digimon Cyber Sleuth to that list as well.

Barkley said:
Pavolink said:

You'll get all of those games on a PC, with better performance, plus all the PC exclusives games.


Win-win situation.

Except forall the benefits that differentiates Consoles gaming from PC Gaming.

1 - Physical Releases & Used Games, these are practically non-existant on PC (though this could change on console in the coming decade.) This is especially invaluable in regions with poor internet infrastructure or data-caps.

2 - On PC you're basically forced to use Keyboard + Mouse in the vast majority of games for online multiplayer or suffer a massive disadvantage.

3 - Price/Performance, try building a PC as powerful as a PS4 for £200, Hell Sainsbury's were selling used XBO's for £130 the other day. Bluray Drive + HDD + Input Device (gamepad) + Case + PSU + CPU + GPU + Ram + necessary cables and a crappy headset in some cases.

4 - Gamepad Usability, this can likely be made better on PC with certain applications, but navigating through Windows 10 on your gamepad while lounging on the couch? Good luck.

5 - Centralized System, Windows is an open system, which does have many advantages over a closed system, however there's also many advantages to having a closed system. Everything is in one place, everything is official. You don't have to download Origin, Steam, Uplay, or any third party applicatoins. You don't have to go googling for this or for that application/software/tool, everything available on PlayStation is on the Store, it's simple. You pay a price for the simplicity in the extent of it's functionality but for most that price is worth paying. PS4 - One Friends List, One Library, One OS, One System, One Store.

6 - Idiot Proof. Unlike PC's you don't need to check system requirements, you don't have to edit graphics options to get the game to run how you want it to, and the system itself is a lot easier to navigate.

7 - Trophies/Achievements, this is a big deal for some (Ka-pi!) and steam achievements are bloody awful, as they have no seperate value and no standardisation between games. I.E This game has 5 steam achievements, this game has 800. Each steam achievement is worth... 1 achievement.

1. PC's have physical releases.

2. Only for shooters. For fighting action games a controller is far superior. That's the beaty of a PC though. You can play each game with the tool that fits the best, you are not bound to one controller for all games.

3. PC-games are usually scalable in effects. And a PC with similar specs to a console isn't more expensive. Yes, the first year or so a new console may have a price-advantage, but soon the components used in a console go down in price. You forget that you have to stick to the same hardware for years with a console. So a year after console release you should be able to build a PC with similar specs for similar price or lower.

4. There are already applications that work as a frontend for gaming and some other stuff and are easily usable with a gamepad.

5. You list it as disadvantage, but it serves also as an advantage. The game you want isn't on the PlaystationStore? Bad luck on PS, no problem on PC. And as long as everything you want is in the same place, just use that one store.

6. Games are very scalable. As long as your PC isn't ten years old, most games should run. With worse graphic though.

7. Sony could bring their trophy-system with them to PC. Problem solved.

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fluky-nintendy said:
Why on Earth, the most successful videogame company on Earth would go 3rd party???

It is not the most successful. Sony also has a share of failures in videogame business



We reap what we sow

Hmmm? What games would I even get if Sony went 3rd party? Never found Naughty Dog games to be anything more than ok. God of War paled in comparison to Bayonetta. Horizon is a fine game, but I'd probably wait for it drop in price plus a sale.  Bloodborne is excelent, but is precisely the kind of game I don't have time or patience for now that I'm working for a living.

The main benefit for me would probably be that more of the big 3rd party games would come to Nintendo systems, but even then they'd also be on PC like they are now. I've never found any of Sony's first party offerings which I've tried to be anything better than average.

Captain_Yuri said:
Agreed. I would love if everyone went third party


fluky-nintendy said:
Why on Earth, the most successful videogame company on Earth would go 3rd party???

That's why the thread probabl y stated that it is a good idea for GAMERS.

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Captain_Yuri said:
Bandorr said:
All games being on the PC would be one of the worst possible ideas.
It removes motivation, competition, and any reason to actually try.

Specially since I think they would just get lazy and let the "mods" fix everything. Along with sloppy ports.

Exclusives exist to sell the console. If the console didn't exist - or was unneeded, exclusives wouldn't exist.
They aren't trying to sell you "games" they are trying to sell you an environment. One where you guys games AND hardware.

If consoles couldn't sell you hardware, controllers, headsets etc PLUS lose out on the "platform royalty" AND have to give a chunk of it to steam - they would quit.

Huh? If all games were on PC, wouldn't that result in even more competition...? Cause now there are even more games to choose from in a platform which already has tons of games being released daily. And steam (as well as other services) have a refund system so if there are sloppy ports, users would just get a refund and the developer/publisher wouldn't make any money...

There would be no hardware competition. No services competition. They would lose the "royalty fee" AND have to pay a chunk of that to steam. Oh and marketing. Marketing would take a HUGE hit. 

That would make it impossible to make the games they make now. Thus you would lose a large chunk of the gaming market. And thus would have a lot less competition.

Then you would lose the "bundles". With no consoles you'd have no hardware+game bundles. "Buy this keyboard, get this game?" yeah no.

edit: by "no controller competitions" I actually meant the exact opposite of it. There would too many controllers. Why would buy a ps4 controller if I could play a PC game with any controller?

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