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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - The Official Hyrule Warriors Thread - Extensive FAQ Inside, Rupee Glitch Explained

RolStoppable said:

3. What about amiibo support?

Link and Toon Link amiibos (either one works) will unlock a new weapon for Link (spinner from Twilight Princess). Everything else will result in a random gift, usually material. You can scan in up to five different amiibos per day for these random rewards.

I have to add a little bit:

Zelda amiibo won't give you material, instead it will always give you a tier 3 weapon for Zelda. Also Shiek amiibo will always give you a tier 3 weapon for Shiek. And Link and Toon Link will always give you a tier 3 weapon for Link.

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Hmm... I rarely purchase DLCs, but I will make an exception for Hyrule Warriors!

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RolStoppable said:

Awesome thread, Rol. You are the best.

Hi Rol.


You really are great!




Great stuff Rol, I will be keeping an eye on this one. I am currently grinding my way around the original adventure mode map and wont purchase any DLC until im completed. Ive put in around 60 hours, and Hyrule warriors is my most played Wii U game to date.

I've only dipped in and out of the game so far. More than an hour and it tends to get a bit repetitive. Need to look more into Adventure mode

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This game is more repetitive than Monster Hunter.

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Great thread!

I still have a lot of modes and DLC to tackle, but I've enjoyed my time with Hyrule Warriors so far, especially in co-op.

amp316 said:
This game is more repetitive than Monster Hunter.

It has 13 maps compared to only five, and much more varied objectives. You also gain EXP on a grind run instead of potentially (and often) nothing.

I hope you were just trolling because you saw me mentioning Monster Hunter in my review.

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Bookmarked, thank you very much Rol!

Time for Ganondorf to enter beast mode!

Does anyone else notice some characters cause more framerate problems than others?

For me, the game runs solid with Link, Sheik and Impa.

Cia, an occasional dropped frame here and there.

Midna seems to cause worse framerate problems for me imo.

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