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I have a weapons questions.

How do I get powerful once?

Lana – Midna – Child Link and a few more have dreadful ones…

And it takes time to up levels on characters.
I still haven’t finished any maps!


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Midna is required for many stages but teh mopst powerfull weapon I have is 96... and she is level 41.


RolStoppable said:
WhiteEaglePL said:
Hi Cyber Friends again.
How do I find "hidden enemies"? Also, why is it IMPOSSIBLE to dig those blue rocks (using digging mits) in the first Adventure mode, second to the right in the very bottom left corner of the map? It's sparkling but nothing works.

After I used compass there was that and a rock face which I successfully bombed to unlock the victory reward for Zelda's moveset that I need to unlock - The WindWaker.

The digging mitts are used for green areas with a black X on them. The blue rocks are actually butterflies and you have to use the goddess's harp.

Oh wow, thank you!

I'm guessing enemies will be revealed after the butterflies are gone.

How do I get the wind waker?

And by the way I was so behind this game and never played adventure mode but your tread made me like it even more.



thanks a lot once more


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Damn... I forgot to check the updates yesterday.
I'll do it later.


An I have just realized that to reach all achievments you will have to play this game for the next 2 years!


Could need some help. I am on the termina Adventure Map. The Map I have trouble with is located 2 fields right of the center. It's a Zelda-only map. Goal is to win the "KO-Wettstreit" with more KOs than the yellow team. However I suck with Zelda. She is around Level 100, I have already unlocked all LV3 Weapons for her. I tried different strategies like to ignore the yellow enemy or to kill the yellow enemy. Tried also different weapons. But the enemy always KOs more enemies than me. C-Rank would be sufficent, cause my goal for now is just to reach the next owl.

i am on level 75 with Link and no more than 30 with the others Toon link and Fairyman still at 1...


i found this amazingly good but very hard
very very hard!


I see you play quite a bit, Rol. Most of the time I see you online on my Wii U, you're playing Hyrule Warriors.

I have yet to dive into the Adventure Mode. I'm going to, eventually. Probably after my re-run through all the Metroid games that I'm currently doing. But from what I've seen of it, it seems like things aren't well explained as to how all the systems work. Like the items you get, what the icons mean (sometimes there is a Link figure under an item on the map, and other times there's a blue sad face...). And then they mention that there is a Network Link somewhere on the map but what it does exactly... I don't yet know.

But that may just be me not having put time into that mode yet or not paying attention enough..