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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario Kart 8 sells 1.2 million over first weekend

So if this is shipped I'm going to guess around 1m for the first 4 days. Good numbers, Infamous took 9 days to sell 1m, of course Mario Kart is a much larger franchise. I'm looking forward to Media Create and NPD to see what effect this had on hardware.

And anyone expecting this to permanently raise the baseline for the WiiU is deluding themselves. Just like Titanfall it will provide a boost for a few weeks and then settle back into standard numbers until Smash Bros comes out.

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vivster said:

So there is a chance for MK8 to be the worst selling MK of all times.

already is. All of then sold more than 1,2mil

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DerNebel said:
noname2200 said:
bubblegamer said:

So shipped?

Not necessarily: Nintendo has a system that lets them track retail sales in more or less real time.

They also mention the sales of the older MK titles in the article though and those are definitely shipped, I think they'd make a clearer differentiation if MK8 numbers were sold to customers, just a guess though. Whatever it is, the number is probably close anyway.

So lets say shipped+digital (i think so to though it can be the opposite), i say it did 1mil, about 200k+ on store shelves makes sense.... I think?

Fusioncode said:
Shipped or sold?

The sell-through probably is pretty high.

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Those are some pretty huge numbers and certainly more than I had we just wait to see the HW boosts worldwide

I guessed 365k, 1.2 million is a massive shock but well deserved it's and awesome game

vivster said:

So there is a chance for MK8 to be the worst selling MK of all times.

You forgot to add "in a world without Super Circuit and Double Dash"!

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Congrats with caveats. Like others on here, definitely a shipped number and I would like to know hardware numbers. Also the lack of any halo effect so far in the UK and Japan has to be worrying (i.e. just selling to current Wii U owners).

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Should add to Op imo