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    PS4 Pro is the best deal in gaming hardware

    in Gaming Discussion on 10 September 2016

    This is probably because I am in a better financial position than I was when I was younger, but I personally would not have minded a third option, like PS4 Ultra, for about $200 more and 4k no question gaming, But with the PS4, PS4 Slim and PS4 Pro, market confusion would have been rampant with this fourth option, but I do still hold out hope, companies get more on board with tiered systems like...

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    No Man's Sky erases discoveries after 2 weeks *NOW FIXED

    in Gaming Discussion on 27 August 2016

    Update (08/27/2016): The user who first discovered that No Man’s Sky wipes your discoveries has updated his post to reveal that after re-downloading and reloading the game several times, his discoveries reappeared. The user believes it might be a server bug that is causing this issue. Source: OPs Source....

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    Windows 10 Anti-Chrome Pop up

    in PC Discussion on 09 August 2016

    Doesn't this count as adware?...

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    PS4 FW 3.0 coming Septmber 30th

    in Sony Discussion on 29 September 2015

    If they make sending messages not a laggy mess (not all the time, but only the times i need to send one) then I'm happy....

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    Microsofts reporting structure is changing. Xbox moved into one segment with Windows

    in Microsoft Discussion on 29 September 2015

    This is definitely going to make Xbox profits or lack thereof even harder to determine. Actually, this is pretty much the final nail in trying to determine Xbox profits, Windows is going to keep everything looking kosher....

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    Phil Spencer accuses Sony of buying FFXIV console exclusivity

    in Gaming Discussion on 19 September 2015

    poklane said:This and his statement how marketshare doesn't influence how easy/hard it is to get 3rd party deals are just simply idiotic statements. C'mon Phil, the devs have said multiple times that they'd love to bring FFXIV to XB1 but they wont due to Microsoft's cross-play policy. This and so much this. Like how stupid do you think people are for them to not have an idea that...

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    Attack on Titan Off-screen gameplay from TGS + Tecmo Koei President talks about faithfulness of the game to the manga

    in Sony Discussion on 18 September 2015 might actually be good. From I heard about it I just wrote it off, but they are actually looking like they are going to make this work. (A wild excitement appears)...

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    Microsoft goes to court to battle the US against warrant to hand over emails on narcotics sales stored abroad

    in Microsoft Discussion on 10 September 2015

    This is just PR by the US to make a US company with deep ties to technology look good again after the last big leak exposed Micro as giving the government what they want. They want people to go, oh hey look, Micro is fighting the power, we can now trust them with our sensitive information again, when in reality the "agency" (you know the one who taps into the giant internet data lines to gather...

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    Kingdom Hearts 2.9 (PS3/PS4) spotted in a Linkedln account

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 September 2015

    If they combine the two collections on PS3 which I held out on buying hoping for a PS4 port, then holy shit, I would be a happy camper....

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    Fallout-themed Monopoly board game is happening!

    in Gaming Discussion on 05 September 2015

    Just bought the Zelda monopoly a few days ago after lusting after it for a couple years....

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    Rise of the Tomb Raider will not have multiplayer

    in Microsoft Discussion on 05 September 2015

    Glad they're picking just Single Player and focusing on and perfecting that. Not often devs focus on SP because everybody and their uncle needs to play with other people....

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    FTC Slams YouTube Group For 'Deceptive' Xbox Marketing Campaign

    in Microsoft Discussion on 02 September 2015

    This really is going to make it hard for the legit reviewers to be taken seriously....

    Write 24

    Sony Shutting Down Until Dawn Twitch Archives

    in Sony Discussion on 27 August 2015

    LiveStreams are fine, no archives though. Might be due to the type of game it is....

    Write 65

    ReCore also coming to PC according to devs online portfolio

    in Microsoft Discussion on 18 August 2015

    Versus_Evil said: Its fine, Pc is an xbox platform so it still counts as exclusive *stare* This has the potential to be VGChartz next "Globally in the US"....

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    Xbox One and PS4 "Platform" Exclusives

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 August 2015

    It really doesn't matter how anyone twists it, PS4 seems to always come out on top. ...

    Write 92

    Xbox One and PS4 "Platform" Exclusives

    in Gaming Discussion on 18 August 2015

    Why would he do that when the chart says "platform" exclusive?...

    Write 34

    Windows 10 Forced Updates Causing Endless Crash Loops

    in Microsoft Discussion on 11 August 2015

    aikohualda said:i updated to windows 10.... and now i cant scroll using my two finger swipe on my touch pad :( Keep and eye out for a "Scroll Using Your Two Finger Swipe On Your Touchpad" app in the app store for S14.99 soon :P...

    Write 226

    Phil Spencer: Sony buying third party games, all to do with money, not market share

    in Gaming Discussion on 08 August 2015

    Yup, he's right. A bankrupt company is going up against and winning bidding wars with Microsoft. Ooookay Phil....

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    Twitch Says That Microsoft Had The Most Popular E3 Conference This Year

    in Microsoft Discussion on 07 July 2015

    Totally has nothing to do with being able to watch E3 right from the PS4....

    Write 22

    Is there another sales website out there?

    in Sales Discussion on 29 June 2015

    insiderp if it's still around...

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