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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Mario Kart 8 sells 1.2 million over first weekend

Mario 3D World only sold 267,49 in the first week which I think is totally not enough for it is a amazing game.

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I wonder how much they'll sell after a full week... Hopefully Nintendo will announce how much they sell, because the closest we'll get to that is 10 days of physical sales.

Well I'm guessing that Mario Kart isn't DOOOMED.

Maybe this is the turning point for Wii U.

Wii U still have a place in the console market.

It'd be nice if the Wii U did make a comeback here, so I can stop just mentioning my PC in conversation, and admit I own a Wii U (and like it). I deal with enough console fanboys talking about controller superiority vs mouse/keyboard. I actually play with a controller on my PC though -_-.

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They need more games to continue the momentum.

We will see at E3 what Nintendo games we will be in the near future.

AZWification said:
Welfare said:

My prediction was way off :(

Zero was the only one who predicted more than 1.2 million!

Why the laughter?

tbone51 said:

"Despite the game's rapid sales, the game is still likely to be the worst-selling title in the franchise's history. For a complete breakdown, check out our analysis piece on Mario Kart."

lmao, they make an article that fails then has to take a jab. Isnt this the site that gave the only low score to TLoU?

Can we already consider this polygon prediction as Fail of the year?

Mummelmann said:
Insane! I had it pegged for 550k worldwide since the Wii U has about 1/4 the installed base of the Wii at the time launch. Just shows how starved Wii U owners are for 1st party goodness! Mighty impressive, can't wait to see the hardware numbers!

It doesn't show that "Wii U owners are starved", the launch was normal (if not very good) for the franchise. And making a prediction solely on installed base proportion while ignoring the other factors isn't the best way to predict stuff.

Just keep releasing games in a timely fashion and not one every 5 months and it should help

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