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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Now that Nintendo is doing DLC, what do you think?


Is Nintendo doing a good job with DLC?

They're doing a great job! 51 34.00%
They're doing a good job. 36 24.00%
Meh. 24 16.00%
I think they should stop. 13 8.67%
They should just leave th... 10 6.67%
I really don't give a f*ck. 15 10.00%

No DLC from Nintendo is worth outside of Zelda Ura.

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It may help them get back to being profitable so I say good job Nintendo

RolStoppable said:
Here's a thread I wrote about the subject some months ago:

Long story short: Expansions are acceptable. Bits and pieces are despicable.

What about Calciobits DLC then (it's named Nintendo Pocket Football Club in Europe though, so no bit anymore).

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As far as DLC goes, I think Nintendo has been doing very well. All the content feels like bonus stuff that I can buy if I want more of the game, but as is, the games still feel like a complete package.

I don't tend to buy DLC because I would rather pay for a new experience than more of something I've already played to death...however, Nintendo's offerings thus far have been tempting and I may start purchasing some add on content if they keep it up

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Darc Requiem said:

The OP is about a year late.

Edit: Ninja'd by Eric Fabian

Fire Emblem isn't a AAA title that everyone wants to play, its a niche RPG, even by JRPG standards.    

Like the OP stated, this will probably be the first Mainstream Nintendo game to included DLC.  (NSLU aside)

I'm not sure Mario Golf is going to outsell Awakening....

Haha I wouldn't bet on that. Awakening is the best selling Fire Emblem of all time and it bearly barely got over a million sold.


Also, Awakening has 1.26 million and still slowly climbing, so I wouldn't say it barely sold over a million, especially when you consider digital sales, in which case it's closer to 2 million. The highest selling Mario Golf game sold 1.53 million. The highest selling portable Mario Golf game sold 0.45 million. I'd say the 3DS Mario Golf has little chance of beating Awakening.

2 Million?!  Nintendo states 390,000 for the US version INCLUDING eShop sales.   That is, in no way remotely worth bragging about.

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spemanig said:
$15+ for 6 golf courses and 4 playable characters? Ugh. Should have been in the original game. Day 1 DLC is okay now because it's Nintendo? Hypocrites.

Or you could tell the whole truth, namely that Mario Golf on the 3DS is launching at 30$ and the base game has a comparable amount of content to every single other Mario golf game out there instead of omitting a point that didn´t fit your agenda and calling other people hypocrites.

Not to mention that the game had an unusual dev cycle . It was slated for a summer 2013 release and got delayed close to a year.

You can bet your ass that Camelot wasn´t sitting on their thumbs and that the majority of the DLC was done in that timeframe.

I'm sorry, but the "it's a full game so it's okay" comments bother me. What DLC's do you disagree with then. Because all the COD's, GTA's,Halo's, Gran Turismo's etc are well over an average full game in terms of content.

They are doing a decent job with DLC so far! Far better than Capcom, that's for sure!

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I like it as long as they dont get greedy with day one dlc that should have been included with the game in the first place like some publishers/devs do

I've never minded paid DLC as long as the original product gives me good value. Mass Effect, for example, is a long, long game with a great story. It felt complete when done. And I actually enjoyed a little DLC to stretch out the experience after the fact.

Right now I'm closing in on the end of SM3DW and it's been worth every penny. I wouldn't mind if they released another world to explore, and I would pay for it. Unfortunately they said they wouldn't, so it's not coming. But I would like it.