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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Now that Nintendo is doing DLC, what do you think?


Is Nintendo doing a good job with DLC?

They're doing a great job! 51 34.00%
They're doing a good job. 36 24.00%
Meh. 24 16.00%
I think they should stop. 13 8.67%
They should just leave th... 10 6.67%
I really don't give a f*ck. 15 10.00%

Now that Nintendo is starting to do DLC, do you think that they're doing a good job? Or are they screwing it up so hard they don't have the right to sell anything anymore? 



IMO, I think Nintendo is handling DLC pretty good. Nothing is overpriced, and you get exactly what you pay for.

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DLC is great so far from the games i played!

Free DLC in Pikmin 3 with some great packs for $2 each} Fire Emblem was greatly done as well, Sonic Lost world gave us 2 free stages so thats cool..... NSLU was their best DLC, an entirely new game for $20 or $30 (Retail)

They are doing an ok job I guess... Nothing remarkable but nothing terrible either... I just hate DLC in general mostly cause a lot of them suck and usually my biggest fears is that we will get that Playstation All Stars nonsense on Smash Bros with DLC characters and etc that you have to pay for

If Nintendo does not do it on their main games or if they propose a really good value like say 1 year after Smash is released, they added tons of additional content for a cheap price, than maybe I will like them but as for now, I am very worried


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now? Since Fire Emblem....

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So far they have been good imo. The prices match the content.

If you spend $15 you are getting content that is equal to what an expansion pack would give you back in the day.

If I was getting Mario Golf i would definately get the season pass. $15 for 6 more holes and 3 new golfers. That is a great deal or at worst fair price.

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The OP is about a year late.

Edit: Ninja'd by Eric Fabian

EricFabian said:
now? Since Fire Emblem....

Since Fire Emblem? Since New Super Mario Bros 2....


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Nintendo has been doing DLC for a little while now. Pikmin 3, Fire Emblem: Awakening, New Super Mario Bros. 2, & New Super Luigi U. Aside from the Mario Golf day one DLC nonsense, I don't think they've been doing a terrible job. The stuff in NSMB2, Pikmin & Fire Emblem is basically just extras. New Super Luigi U was basically a full game, so it was a pretty good DLC overall.

Jizz_Beard_thePirate said:
EricFabian said:
now? Since Fire Emblem....

Since Fire Emblem? Since New Super Mario Bros 2....

Fire Emblem was still first, starting in April 2012. Well, in Japan, but I'd say it counts. It's been a little over 2 years now that we live in a world where a Nintendo game offers payed DLC.

I have no objections about the way DLC has been handled by Nintendo so far. When I didn't buy it, I didn't feel like I missed out on something (Pikmin 3, NSMB 2) and when I bought it, it was worth it to me (Fire Emblem). I'd also say that all of these games would have enough content to justify their price without the DLC, so it doesn't really feel like they've been cut. That's what I argued when people complained about Fire Emblem's DLC, since I'd actually say that we wouldn't have seen stuff like the Smash Brethen maps without the appeal (for Nintendo/IS) of getting additional money. And I'd rather get content as DLC than not getting it at all.

I'm not the biggest fan of DLC in general, so I will say that I'm kinda glad that Nintendo didn't embrace payed DLC until April 2012. It was inevitably coming, but at least it only started 2 years ago. And again, I'm okay with the way they've been handling it.

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First, (like people already said) you are late

Second, aside from Luigi U, Nintendo DLC have been bad, I refused to pay for the Fire Emblem DLC and that will continue, unless they do something like Luigi U which is basically like a new freaking game.

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