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    Digital Foundry Video: Hands-On With Xbox Series X + Impressions + Xbox One X Size Comparisons + Official Specs + Ray Tracing

    in Microsoft Discussion on 17 March 2020

    I think people are missing something DF pointed out about the Series X. MS wanted consistency. Everything has hard locked rate of speed. The SSD doesn't have the peak speeds of PCIE 4.0 NVMe drives on PC but always runs at 2.4GB /s. A Samsung EVO 970 has transfer speeds up to 3.5GB /s. MS clearly wanted devs to no exactly how the Series X would perform at all times and build their games around...

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    Introducing Alienware Switch (PC Gaming Tablet inspired by Nintendo Switch )

    in PC Discussion on 12 January 2020

    As cool as it looks, it will crap battery life while costing an arm and a leg. You'll be able to buy a PS5 and Xbox Series X and probably two games for the price of that thing. ...

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    The Rise of Skywalker was awesome - FIGHT ME! (spoiler free)

    in Movies Discussion on 06 January 2020

    Robert_Downey_Jr. said: S.Peelman said: Saw it for the second time just now.My earlier opinion stands; this one was the best of the sequel trilogy. The trilogy clearly lacks a cohesive idea though, but that was already the conclusion after The Last Jedi and I noticed this with this one the first time I saw it as well. So everything I said before about it remains unchanged; Palpatine...

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    The Rise of Skywalker was awesome - FIGHT ME! (spoiler free)

    in Movies Discussion on 04 January 2020

    Not even that big of fan of the movie, there are plenty things worthy criticism in RoS. This just wasn't one of them. ...

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    The Rise of Skywalker was awesome - FIGHT ME! (spoiler free)

    in Movies Discussion on 03 January 2020

    KLAMarine said: Is it true there were horses in outer space in Rise of Skywalker? No it isn't. The Star Destroyers were still on Exogol. The whole final battle was the Resistance preventing the fleet from getting the navigational signal they need to get off world so the lead destroyer could guide them through the Unknown Regions. ...

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    Scarlett Will Prioritize Frame Rate Over Graphics

    in Microsoft Discussion on 03 December 2019

    I've been hearing this nonsense for 20 years, I'll believe it when I see it. ...

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    Sony's PlayStation Vue Pay TV Service Is Shutting Down

    in Sony Discussion on 30 October 2019

    KBG29 said: LivingMetal said: I have Vue. Nice sevice. Not much to complain about. Going to go with Hulu + Live TV. I almost went with Hulu + Live TV a while back, but at the time, no support for Android TV and no AMC. Now, Hulu supports Android TV, but still no AMC. I gave up on Walking Dead so the no AMC is a non-issue now anyway. I've been giving another look at YouTube...

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    Sony's PlayStation Vue Pay TV Service Is Shutting Down

    in Sony Discussion on 29 October 2019

    This sucks. I'd been using Vue because I got more channels than cable for $100 a month cheaper than my cable provider. I just cancelled and I'm going with Youtube TV, which is about $10 cheaper but doesn't have the NFL network. At least it has the one over air channel that I was missing with Vue. ...

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    Digital Foundry: Dragon Quest 11 on Switch, " a remarkably impressive port"

    in Nintendo Discussion on 27 October 2019

    They rebuilt the game to work on Switch. Too bad most 3rd party titles don't get as much effort. I'm glad I waited for the Switch version. The additional content combined with the quality of the port made it well worth the wait. ...

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    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker final trailer

    in Movies Discussion on 26 October 2019

    d21lewis said: EricFabian said: maybe not in any gaming forum, but in the real life: https://www.digitalspy.com/movies/a29543947/star-wars-the-rise-of-skywalker-avengers-endgame-record/ I'm not saying the movie is gonna flop. It's not. It's going to do phenomenally well and I'm gonna contribute to it. What I'm going to say is what everyone else said when they heard that...

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    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker final trailer

    in Movies Discussion on 22 October 2019

    LudicrousSpeed said: spurgeonryan said: I still need to see the last one.Do ya'll think this will fix everything or people will still be mad at where star wars has gone? It’s the internet. People will be pissed no matter what. No matter how the story ends, there will be neckbeards angry that the savior is a woman. I really can't stand that cop out defense. As...

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    Famitsu readers vote on favorite Fire Emblem: Three Houses characters and more

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 October 2019

    JWeinCom said: The male list is almost the exact opposite of what I'd put. Female list seems about right to me although I'd switch Mariane and Dorothea around. Having played through the game three times I can't fully recall who Judith is, which I guess is why she's last. She's the "Hero of Daphnel". Outside of Hilda's brother, she's probably the strongest warrior in the Leiscester...

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    Cross-play on PlayStation 4 is now available for all developers to use in their games

    in Sony Discussion on 02 October 2019

    twintail said: if somehow Destiny 2 got it I would be down At least Destiny 2 has cross save now. I tried it out the other day on my PC. It's nice to play the game at 4 times the frame rate I was getting on PS4. ...

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    Research on first and favorite Final Fantasy Game

    in Gaming Discussion on 09 September 2019

    1st Final Fantasy played: FFI Favorite Final Fantasy: FFIV Final Fantasies Played: All numbered entries except XIV ...

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    Famitsu: Japanís best-selling games of July 2019

    in Sales Discussion on 08 September 2019

    Thanks for posting the sales numbers Bernie. ...

    Write 57

    Overwatch announced for Switch! Launching October 15!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 07 September 2019

    Barkley said: Poor port job if it's only going to be 30fps. Overwatch is very well optimized game and runs well on low-spec PC's, they should easily be able to get it running at 60fps. But they're targeting 30fps and not even 1080p at that. Yeah I mean Paladins released a while back on Switch an runs at 60fps. Overwatch has no excuse. I mean the Witcher 3 is a far more difficult port...

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    Director's/Extended Cuts that massively improved a film?

    in Movies Discussion on 27 July 2019

    While I still don't think it's a great movie by any means, Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition is a dramatic improvement over the theatrical cut. I nearly walked out of the movie theatre. Superman, Clark Kent, and Lois Lane were improved greatly by the additional footage. ...

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    Fire Emblem Three Houses reviews: Meta: 89, OC: 89

    in Nintendo Discussion on 26 July 2019

    Nuvendil said: For those reading the reviews, do NOT read the Kotaku review, there's a freaking spoiler in the first two paragraphs.They gave it a strong recommendation, you're welcome if you care. Thanks for the heads up, although personally I avoid Kotaku like the plague. ...

    Write 59

    We Need A More Mature Spider-Man Movie

    in Movies Discussion on 20 July 2019

    The young neighborhood superhero that is always getting roped into things "beyond his depth" is when Spiderman was his most popular. You seem to want a more adult Spiderman, but that isn't when he had his best comic book runs. Juggling his academic, social, and superhero life is what has always been a core tenant of his character. The high school through college era Spiderman is what they seem to...

    Write 69

    What Do You Think to the Nintendo Switch Lite?

    in General Discussion on 12 July 2019

    Not interested in it all. Good for people that just play in portable mode I guess. The loss of functionality is a non starter for me personally. ...

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