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curl-6 said:

I honestly don't know enough about the situation to "choose a side".

But as a survivor of abuse myself, I at least hope that this helps male victims to be believed. There are very few I have admitted my experiences to, all close friends, because the idea that a big, physically capable man like myself could be abused by a woman almost half his size is scoffed at by so many at face value.

On the other hand, I feel bad that this will be weaponized by the assholes out there to discredit female victims.

My biggest issue with the biased coverage in Amber's favor was how they blatantly disregard her abuse of him. "This decision is step back from abuse victims." So Johnny getting his abuser held accountable is a step back because he is a man. The woman severed his finger tip with a vodka bottle for God's sake. If anything this case proves that you can be a man, have a mountain of evidence showing you were abused, and still have the media dismiss your abuse. Amber accused him in 2016 and he got cancelled purely on her word.