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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Will the Wii U Ever Be Able To Match the Wii In SW Sales?

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We all know that the Wii was a blockbuster for Nintendo. It's games sold many, many copies (mostly Nintendo Titles) and garnered much media attention. However, the Wii U's future seems somewhat dim SoftWare (sales) wise.

Do you think the Wii U will ever match the Wii in SoftWare sales? If yes, why?

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depends on how it sells. way to early to know that, especially since its competitors haven't even revealed their systems yet...

Not a snowballs chance in hell.

man-bear-pig said:
Not a snowballs chance in hell.

I wouldn't say that, anything is possible.  Just way to early to say.  

Wii U isnt as gimmicky as the Wii so no. The casuals are pretty much alienated unless they convert (which I doubt 80% of the users even did).

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I was looking at a thread earlier today. And really the Wii didn't really do all that well when compared to the 360 on the Software side of things. Still with the bc of the Wii U the Wii's software will still sell. But the Wii U has an excellent chance especially if the digital side of the things is good. I'm sure well may have a better look at how it is doing when they have their investor's meeting later this month.

No but it will pass the Xbox360 based on its launch numbers.

no because of 2 reasons

1. Wii U wont sell 100mil console I don't think.


2. even if it does digital distribution will make it appear to be lacking

Little chance because the audience that migrated to PS360 have so far few incentives to return to Nintendo, and casual gamers might stick their current Wiis/tablets/phones without feeling the need to upgrade.