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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why Do U Hate Wii U (or Nintendo)??

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bananaking21 said:

Wii Sports. A game doesn't need to be "hardcore" in order to change the industry.

I don't like Nintendo's latest IPs myself, but I don't blame them for making the most financially successful decisions. And the Wii U is now supposed to please more "hardcore gamers", as they try to expand their userbase even further. 

wii sports didnt change the industry, the Wii itself did, wii sports was just the game that come along with it, yes it is fun and i do like playing it. but the Wii would have been as successful with out without Wii sports. The conecpt of motion control and the Wii changed the industry not Wii sports. yeah i dont blame them with sticking with the most financially successful games but you crap money out of them bring something new! its not like new IP's dont make money, just look at littlebigplanet, gears of war, uncharted, red dead redemption ( i know its not a new IP but nobody heard of red dead revolver before RDR so it was risky to make it) 

You're making the same mistake again. Nintendo have made lots of new IPs this generation that have made them tons of money. People who wanted new "hardcore" IPs (such as Reggie himself) simply bought a PS3 or an Xbox 360.

And Wii Sports did change the industry. It is the very best system seller to date, by far.

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I notice that most of the Wii U venom on VGC is coming from (a small minority of) Sony fans, not so much MS fans.

I think the reason for that is, when you're favorite company is doing really poorly, people tend to unleash the FUD against a competing brand. I believe it was kowenicki that called these folks out in the Media Create thread for solely focusing on NSMB2 and 3DS numbers and completely ignoring Vita sales or that there was no Vita game in the top 30; deflection he called it.

Generally, during this gen, we saw the most Nintendo bashing when Wii was doing insane numbers and PS3 was still struggling. When PS3 came into its own and the Wii began to struggle, we still saw some mockery of Nintendo fans, but for the most part Nintendo-bashing tapered off.

Then the Wii U was announced and it was Wii bashing all over again.

Also, the fact that Nintendo games sell INSANE amounts illicits a great deal of jealousy.  Again, just my observation.


BOTTOM LINE: For the Nintendo hate to be pretty tame on VGChartz, Sony has to be either #1 or very competitive.

I hate Nintnedo because they make so many good games and I don't have enough time to play them all.

I wouldn't say I hate Wii U, I'm just holding out becuase I still have lots of games to play on my current consoles ( Wii, PC, PS3, soon to be 3DS)

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Well, I wouldn't say I "hate" the Wii U.

But the main reason I'm upset with it is that it's only putting itself at a graphical level of the PS3 and 360. Well, it's specs make it slightly better, but not that much more noticeable.

Oh, I personally don't care about having all dem l33t graph1cs. What I care about is the Wii U getting into the same situation the Wii is in right now. When creating multiplatform games, developers can only have so much time to devote to scaling their engine up and down for different types of machinery. The Wii was so much weaker in power that the game would look like a complete mess if the engines were scaled down that far, hence why the Wii missed out on a ton of 3rd party multiplats.

If the Wii U is just shooting to be as good as this console generation, (which from the sounds of developers that are currently making games on it, it seems to be), then we're just going to be in the exact same situation when the Xbox 720 and Playstation 4 come out and boost their power considerably.

Again, I don't care about super graphics here; I just want developers to not be limited in their vision by hardware.

i'd respect this thread a whole lot more if it was done to apply to all companies... because believe it or not... this doesn't at all only apply to nintendo

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What Viper said...but then again, that´s normal human behaviour, and you can apply that to pretty much every aspect of life and society.

BlackHawkGS said:
Well, I wouldn't say I "hate" the Wii U.

But the main reason I'm upset with it is that it's only putting itself at a graphical level of the PS3 and 360. Well, it's specs make it slightly better, but not that much more noticeable.

Nintendo has not released the specs yet and the only sources we've got regarding the specs are from anonymous sources or disgruntled fired employee who never worked on the WiiU.

Meanwhile, Reggie said at the last E3 that WiiU will do 1080P natively. But I wouldn't trust him neither. He's just some random guy who's also a CEO of Nintendo of America.

Most of the nintendo hate stemmed from the gaming "media" with the wii. Before when nintendo was in last place with the gamecube nobody cared to hate nintendo. As the wii became successful the hate grew the media invented terms like casual and hardcore gamers to classify nintendo and non nintendo gamers because 'nintendo is lazy and we don't care' (the real question is why would they do this).

The thing is you only see this hate for nintendo on internet forums by random users and you don't really know who they are for all intents and purposes. In real life I have never really met a gamer who hated nintendo actually quite the opposite, I would have met people who stopped playing their wii though.

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Here is a list of reasonings why gamers might not like Nintendo:

1. Nintendo lost 3rd party support with the Wii. As much as people enjoy Nintendo games they also enjoy games by other developers just as much and frankly 3rd party games outnumber first party.

2. Dedicated motion controls. Aside from accuracy issues with the Wii-mote not having a standard dual analog controller limited traditional control games. Despite taking motion controls to the front line actual traditional controls took a back seat or even a step backward. The game pad and the pro controller is their answer to this but only after a full generation of obscurity.

3. Lack of powerful hardware this generation and maybe the next. Graphics are one thing, they make games look good and allow certain cinematics and camera angles to be utilized that otherwise would fall flat and look terrible. The real reason for powerful hardware is for gameplay advancement and OS capabilities. A strong processor and plentiful RAM allows developers to do what they want in a game without making sacrifices. As much as Nintendo tries to claim they don't concentrate on graphics or processing power and instead gameplay they are actually limiting new experiences and gameplay improvements. They can make things cheaper for developers but there is a ceiling and they will hit it. Consumers are interested in multi-functionality and again hardware will provide the apps and programs that will make a gaming console a very useful and valuable device.

These reasons are mainly why many gamers like myself have been disinterested in Nintendo since they launched the Wii. The gamecube was awesome but not many people bought it because the Nintendo 64 was lackluster to the PlayStation and the PlayStation 2 had backwards compatibility and more of everything that PlayStation had. If the Wii was stronger and came with both a Wii mote and a gamecube controller 2.0 it would have attracteed both hardcore and casual gamers though Nintendo would have to loss lead to have the sales they did this gen.

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o_O.Q said:
i'd respect this thread a whole lot more if it was done to apply to all companies... because believe it or not... this doesn't at all only apply to nintendo

I would argue that Nintendo is in a unique place when it comes to hate, just as its in a unique place in the industry on the whole. People who hate on Sony or Microsoft tend to do so for different reasons.

For instance, the recent trend of Nintendo fans trolling Sony for copying everything (something i don't agree with or condone) seems to have a different flavor to it than the long-running flak against Nintendo.

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