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    A reminder of how horrible the ads from Wii U was...

    in Nintendo Discussion on 08 February 2018

    2:57 of the first video is Steve from Stranger Things....

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    HDD shopping in advance of PS firmware 4.5? Portable, mains powered or multiple thumb drives?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 February 2017

    I bought a Mushkin Reactor 1TB SDD for around $200 when I bought my Pro. Installed it before I even turned the thing on for the first time at launch. It is a good value for the speeds it produces even for an SSD with a few years on it. Now that external HDD is supported I may consider grabbing one for extra storage to offload all these games....

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    How many Final Fantasy XV owners bought the season pass?

    in Gaming Discussion on 04 February 2017

    I bought it though I usually don't buy these. I did get the game for $30 on an amazon deal so I figured the cost of the season pass wasn't too outrageous since I didn't spend $60 initially. I just beat it, threw 115 hours into it. For as much as I liked it, they screwed up a bunch of stuff. Still way better than 13....

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    Opinions on ps pro so far?

    in Sony Discussion on 10 November 2016

    I'm still transferring my data. I only have a 1080p TV right now, but will get one either later this year or next spring when there are more "Full" HDR models available. I did buy a 1TB SSD which will be a nice addition to the extra horse power. Load times be damned!...

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    Got a UHD HDR TV, a PS4 Pro, and a PSVR? I've got some bad news...

    in Sony Discussion on 04 November 2016

    Hey. This is what I'm doing. Just haven't gotten the TV yet. I'm even thinking about waiting till next year when true HDR is more standard across the 4K TV line up, but if a solid sale hits the Samsung KS8000 or KS9000 I may jump in this year....

    Write 21

    Data/account transfer from old to new PS4 system

    in Sony Discussion on 29 October 2016

    I plan on buying an SSD and just using the transfer cable to take everything from my old PS4. Either keep the 1TB for a PC build or throwing it in the old PS4 to attract buyers....

    Write 35

    Just got a PSVR!!! AND scared myself to death on it 😱 first impressions.

    in Sony Discussion on 28 October 2016

    d21lewis said: Why can't l find the Kitchen demo!?! You will find it in the PSVR Demo application. Whether the disk that came with the VR set or the digital version that is free from the PS store....

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    Bought a PS4!

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 October 2016

    walsufnir said: Chark said: Dang, I'm Jealous. You have a wife and a girlfriend. Well, I'm just married so I'm confusing the words - I'm not cheating :-)   congrats on you. still jealous. Doesn't have to be cheating :| "Hi guys. Although some might not believe me, I bought a PS4 yesterday (or better, my wife bought me). ... for 299€ which was too good...

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    Bought a PS4!

    in Gaming Discussion on 28 October 2016

    Dang, I'm Jealous. You have a wife and a girlfriend....

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    Titanfall 2 isn't native 4K on PS4 Pro and it doesn't sound like many games will be

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 October 2016

    The 4k native talk is ridiculous. New games are going to prioritize other improvements because native 4k would require too many trade offs. The exciting thing is the upsacaller. It bridges the gap from double 1080p to 4k display. I believe that tech is solid and the PS4 pro is going to allow developers to implement additional features and performance within that target. I would love to see the...

    Write 55

    Ps4pro opinion from random person in Best Buy

    in Sony Discussion on 11 October 2016

    Dude, just get a PS4 pro and get a 4k blu ray player down the road when they are cheap or when PS5 comes out. You are buying a $400 console, a $400-$2000 TV and you plan on having cash for both $60 games and you want to buy from a limited selection of $30 4k blu ray movies? Enough to justify?...

    Write 6

    First PC build

    in PC Discussion on 04 October 2016

    What luck but to have a friend offer his old graphics card. A Gigabyte Radeon HD 7870 2GB. He wants me to join him in some PC master racing, like I used to roam. Now, i know I'm not doing this right away as I'm spending too much right now with a PS4 Pro and new TV possibly in the works. I figured I'd write a topic and stir up discussion. So far I'm using pcpartpicker to sift through options and...

    Write 201

    PS4Pro Has A GPU Feature That Improves PSVR

    in Sony Discussion on 29 September 2016

    I'm sorry but Sony already confirmed that PS4 Pro will offer PSVR devs to improve performance. (resolution, fps, etc). I see no difference in vague unconfirmed statement with no tech reference....

    Write 7

    Will current head phones work with the ps4 pro?

    in Gaming Discussion on 29 September 2016

    Probably 100%...

    Write 15

    Pitch Me Your PS4Pro Advert

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 September 2016

    Open: Talk up PS4 games, console, abilities Faux end: Greatness awaits, awaits flickers/glitches, turns to Greatness is here. PS4 Pro reveal: Talk up enhancing your gaming, show the same game on a 1080p tv up next to a 4k tv (4X the size) Splash HDR mention, improved graphics, better frame rates. Only $399 November 10th...

    Write 26

    Best Chair for console gaming

    in Gaming Discussion on 21 September 2016

    I'm using a Sumo Lounge Gigantor. I used to have the smaller Sultan and loved that thing. The Gigantor is more of the same but 6' diameter.It's comfy and you can always readjust it. Memory foam strips and beads work well. The gamer is a smaller individual size for $219 right now and they have a September 15% off they advertised. My friends have a couple iJoy® 2580 Massage Chairs that was low...

    Write 98

    Best TV for PS4 Pro?

    in Sony Discussion on 19 September 2016

    Azuren said: Chark said: As others suggest, use for some help comparing and knowing what's what... Rtings is love, Rtings is life. Dolby Vision is one of those betamax situations, except Sony's not on the losing side of it. I was told by both our Bravia and PlayStation reps not to expect DV on PS4Pro, since Sony doesn't support it on their TVs. That aside, you...

    Write 98

    Best TV for PS4 Pro?

    in Sony Discussion on 18 September 2016

    As others suggest, use for some help comparing and knowing what's what. First off, for PS4 pro you want an HDR 4K TV and one with a wide color gamut. This is key to take advantage of actual HDR. As for the two types of HDR content, HDR10 is going to be more widely used while Dobly Vision is slightly better it isn't as widespread. Dobly Vision is more for 4k Blu ray and can't be...

    Write 74

    Games that have made you cry?

    in Gaming Discussion on 11 September 2016

    ICO. I played it on a PS 3D Display with PS Elite headphones with that bass feature. It had that PC monitor feel to playing at a desk and the music really encompassed me. The 3D added a nice pop of depth to it....

    Write 64

    The 4K TV and media poll thread thing

    in General Discussion on 10 September 2016

    - What is the largest TV you own, in inches? 49" - Is your largest TV 1080p or 4K? 1080p - Is your largest TV HDR capable? No - How likely are you to own a large format UHD 4K TV in the next two years? 100% - How likely are you to buy UHD Blu-rays in the next two years? 10%...

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