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Forums - Nintendo Discussion - Why Do U Hate Wii U (or Nintendo)??

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oniyide said:

Im also talking about graphics, but wouldnt top of the line imply that thats the best it could do?? I mean, thats what Top of the Line means, the top.

No, there are different aspects of a game a company can choose to optimize, graphics being just one of them, not necessarily the most important one.

Think of it like a set of attributes that can be optimized or not, depending on the choices of the dev.

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cyberninja45 said:
Gamerace said:

Despite what some may think, I've never been a big Nintendo fan. Don't care much for the major Nintendo series (3D Mario, Zelda, Metroid, Starfox, Donkey Kong). 

 I am a big Wii fan though.

I'm not a WiiU fan.

If WiiU had been an improvement and enhance of everything that made Wii great - HD, better online, enhanced motion controls (no more calibrating...), improved Miis, an innovative Wii ____ title, I'd be thrilled. I fell in love with how Wii made you feel more immersed in the game. Like you were playing tennis in Wii Sports or golf in Tiger Woods or beating the snot out of people in Godfather or actually aiming and shooting in Goldeneye, or slicing them to bits in Red Steel 2.

If you told me I could play AC3 or ME3 with enhanced WM+ and IR aiming and Nintendo made a bold new Wii___ title (I dunno, Wii Racing with places, boats, cars, horses etc for example) I'd buy WiiU day one and those titles (and Batman and ZombiiU and maybe Lego City) day one. I'd be it's biggest fan.

But WM+ is been cast aside for the gamepad. I hate dual analog aiming, and all the buttons. It's a idelogical course reversal from Wii and if you look at the success Apple has had with simplicity (ipads/pods/phones have one, count it one, button) they are going in the wrong direction. WiiU should have been the essence of the Wii realized in it's full potential. Similar, better, more elegant. Instead WiiU looks like a horrid compromise (between casual/core) no one wanted.

 Thats exactly  how I feel about wiiu, nintendo took everything that made the wii popular, fun and unique and threw it down the drain.  @ bolded I was hoping the succesor to the wii would have offered that, nintendo needs to pull a rabbit out of a hat to convince me about the wiiu.

Glad to see I'm not the only one.   Actually I fear despite how things might appear on forums like this, most Wii owners are not Nintendo fanboys (you don't have to be a Nintendo fan to love Mario Kart/NSMB), they just love the Wii controls/games and with WiiU Nintendo might lose that entire market to the next Xbox with a refined Kinect or even just to iOS/Android.


I HATE WII U... Because I can't preorder it yet.