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Forums - Sales Discussion - Shadows of the damned sales. Ouch!

Kyuubi Ricky SSJ2 said:
menx64 said:
scottie said:
It's because it was released on the PS360. Everyone knows games like this would sell better on the Wii, look at no More Heroes for example.

Yes, that's right, people who said the opposite about NMH, that is what you sound like...


 Suda51 we need NMH3 on wiiU asap... And pls go talk to Iwata, I am sure nintendo could help you to get a million copies... 

NMH3 has already been confirmed for Wii U. Apparently the focus of the game is going to be on a different protagonist rather than Travis.

 Yes, I am aware Suda said that, but travis is just the best new character of the gen... (IMO)  We need more travis!!!


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It's a game that I can't quite justify spending $60 on. I'm sure I'll get it eventually, just not at the 'Must Buy' level.

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I just think it's a bit sad when the gaming community doesn't give fresh and new games a chance. I don't get why each and every COD that will come out in the next 20 years will sell millions (not that I am against it) but new ideas are doomed before they even come out. Enslaved is another good exemple. Great game, not perfect, but solid gameplay with great characters and story. Poor sales. I try and support a lot of these games and they are more fun than a lot of the "big market" games out there.

Last games I bought full price: Hunted the demon's forge, Shadows of the damned, The first templar and Alice Madness Returns. Not one of them will get a sequel or, in the case of Alice, a third one.

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If it sold so poorly it can't be really that good.

Above: still the best game of the year.

Beuli2 said:
If it sold so poorly it can't be really that good.

Sengoku 3 is a fantastic game and it sold a mere 500 copies in the west, Iron Soldier 2 sold similarly despite its high quality as well


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Beuli2 said:
If it sold so poorly it can't be really that good.

Don't be so anti Sony.

Mr Khan said:
Vindication is fun, though Suda does deserve more than this

The stupid part was that this is the game that he ignored NMH2 (he relegated director duties to some other) to help develop, so i'm wondering if NMH2's shortcomings were for the sake of this game

i thought 2 was an improvement over the orginal?? I was planning on picking up Paradise along with the sequel, but i just might skip the original

i honestly didnt know this game came out, but i have so much games to get in my back catalog that I probably would not have even gotten it, not for 60, im only now getting Castlevania LOS and NFS Hot pursuit

DarkCronos said:
Mad55 said:
DarkCronos said:
that's what you get for kicking your audience in the balls... up until now suda's game were always on nintendo's platforms... i would loved to buy SOTD... but it's not on my console...

what he has made games for other consoles before this.

sure, but earlier suda games never found their way to a western release. the only exception i can think is killer7 which as far as i know was way more popular on gamecube than on ps2. suda's name got big (well, "big" is a big word, lol) in the west on nintendo's platforms.

where did you get your info from?? I find this hard to believe considering that the install base for PS2 vs. the GC was much, much bigger. VGchartz has no data at all. So maybe you know something i dont

i just remember that back in the day the game was way more talked and way more popular among nintendo fans than among sony fans. i believe that was because killer7 started as GC-exclusive and then was announced on ps2 too. and also because maybe on GC, due to the lack of games, killer7 was threated as a "big" release, while on ps2 it was just one of many titles. there was also some sort of negative buzz around the ps2 version, due to longer loading times and less responsive controls. i don't have any specifid data, just my memories from those days...


BTW you should get both NMH. 2 is an improvement over the original in graphics and gameplay but it lacks the distinctive feeling of a suda51 game, the randomness, the originality... it's a better game overall but a worse suda51 game. that's why it got better review and why people prefeare the first.


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