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i just remember that back in the day the game was way more talked and way more popular among nintendo fans than among sony fans. i believe that was because killer7 started as GC-exclusive and then was announced on ps2 too. and also because maybe on GC, due to the lack of games, killer7 was threated as a "big" release, while on ps2 it was just one of many titles. there was also some sort of negative buzz around the ps2 version, due to longer loading times and less responsive controls. i don't have any specifid data, just my memories from those days...


BTW you should get both NMH. 2 is an improvement over the original in graphics and gameplay but it lacks the distinctive feeling of a suda51 game, the randomness, the originality... it's a better game overall but a worse suda51 game. that's why it got better review and why people prefeare the first.


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