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    Pulcino pio

    in Music Discussion on 01 March 2013

    Obviously it hit Italy last Summer, it's were this plaugue started......

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    Disappointing 3DS XL sales in Europe

    in Sales Discussion on 06 August 2012

    i think there are at least three factors that need to be accounted. 1) Summer is traditionally the weakest season for the EU market. 2) Europe is in a kind of economic recession right know. The UK market bobble has burst; Italy and Spain are facing the worst effects of the crisis and that leaves only france an germany as viable markets 3) No big game at launch. New Art Academy and...

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    What was the best looking Wii Game? Top 3 games!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 10 May 2012

    its draw distance was quite impressive actually, when you are halfway through the game you can look back and see all the portions of the mountain you already covered. everything else looks just like a ps2 game unfortunately. hugely underrated game BTW....

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    What was the best looking Wii Game? Top 3 games!

    in Nintendo Discussion on 02 May 2012

    1) Super Mario Galaxy 1 & 2 2) Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles 3) Muramasa: The Demon Blade honorable mentions: Silent Hill: Shattered Memories (for the lighting) Xenoblade Chronicles (for draw distance) Kirby's Epic Yarn (artstyle) Sin & Punishment: Successor to the Skies (Impressive framerate with a lot of enemies and explosions on the screen) Sonic & The Secret Rings / Sonic...

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    A handheld hater buys a 3DS (and eats crow)

    in Nintendo Discussion on 31 March 2012

    Since you already own MK7 and Revelations, i can recommend to you Super Mario 3D Land, Ocarina of Time 3D and Kid Icarus: Uprising. Those five titles are my personal must-have list on the 3DS right know. Then you might want to check some tier 2 games: Dead or Alive: Dimensions (really great fighter, almost as good as SSFIV and it feels like a complementary experience to the capcom game),...

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    Sonic Colours the graphics king on Wii?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 14 March 2012

    i was never really impressed by sonic colours' graphics. the first two levels look really great but i found some of the later levels uninspired and not really impressive. I think the two sonic games from the storybook team looked way better if you keep in mind their earlier launch. In my opinon the best looking games on wii are obviously Super Mario Galaxy 2, Resident Evil: Darkside...

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    3ds Beat em' ups

    in Nintendo Discussion on 13 March 2012

    3DS is quickly becoming THE handheld for fighting games fans and i think it's really great. i would recommend everyone to get both SSFIV3D and DoA: Dimensions, they are both great games and they sorta complement each other. SSF has great multiplayer mode, while DoA shines in single player. SSFIV is a really great port but it still is a downgraded port so if you don't have the need for a...

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    How Naughty are You? The Fine Game

    in General Discussion on 05 March 2012

    325.50 not bad i think. but i fail to understand why smoking weed gives you more point than doing acid......

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    What is the greatest Nintendo home console of all time?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 03 March 2012

    Wii > N64 = SNES > NES > NGC...

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    SNES cartridge assistance requested

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 February 2012

    try to look on youtube, there are tons of video-guides on how to replace dead batteries from old cartridge-games...

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    Monolith confirmed to be working on a 3DS game

    in Nintendo Discussion on 23 February 2012

    i hope they leave xenobladesque scale projects for wii u. I would kill for a portable baten kaitos, or even for a re-release of the first two titles (considering that we never got baten kaitos origins in europe)...

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    The VGChartz Ranking Game -- Xenoblade Chronicles - Results!

    in Gaming Discussion on 23 February 2012

    TheKoreanGuy said:Does this game use any motion controls at all? I wouldn't like playing JRPGs by swinging my arm around lol nope. you can either play with the classic controller, the classic controller pro or wiimote + nunchuck. either way there is no motion controls. some say that wiimote + nunchuck is the better choice because it's easier to move the camera during battles ...

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    The VGChartz Ranking Game -- Xenoblade Chronicles - Results!

    in Gaming Discussion on 22 February 2012

    9.6 for me it's the greatest JRPG since Skies of Arcadia and definitely one of my favourites jrpg ever. everything, from game mechanics, battle system, exploration, to music, atmosfere, even story (the last few hours are amazing) and graphics (for a wii title) is outstanding....

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    COMG! Japan PRE-ORDER Chartz Thread - Will Be Updated Daily!

    in Sales Discussion on 16 February 2012

    the pokémon company is...

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    The Vgchartz ranking game -- The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword

    in Nintendo Discussion on 06 February 2012

    8.8 SS is a great game but a not so great Zelda. I reckon the zelda formula has grown stale over the years and it needed a new, fresh take, but it seems to me that every step SS takes away from the zelda formula is a step in a wrong direction, or a direction i don't like for this franchise. it's good that SS removed the distinction between dungeon areas and overworld areas, but i find...

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    Resident Evil Revelationsí First Low Review

    in Nintendo Discussion on 20 January 2012

    if you know edge, 6/10 is a pretty good review. they tend to use a 1 - 10 scale instead of the usual 7 - 9 scale adopted by most sites and magazines, so a 6 from them is almost like an 8 from any other publication....

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    Which is your favourite 3D Mario?

    in Nintendo Discussion on 16 January 2012

    1)Galaxy 2 2)Galaxy 3)64 4)Sunshine 5)3D Land...

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    Most Anticipated Game of 2012 - Elimination Game

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 December 2011

    + kid icarus:uprising -tales of graces f...

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    Game of the Year 2011 - Elimination Game (The Witcher 2 Wins!)

    in Gaming Discussion on 26 December 2011

    + xenoblade -The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Anniversary Edition...

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    Most Anticipated Game of 2012 - Elimination Game

    in Gaming Discussion on 25 December 2011

    + kid icarus - tales of graces f...

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